RoK help VN improve trade balance

15:15 | 20/05/2015 Trade

Deputy PM Vu Van Ninh on May 19 held a working session with Deputy PM, Minister of Strategy and Finance Choi Kyong Hwan during his working visit to the Republic of Korea (RoK).

RoK help VN improve trade balance

Viet Nam-RoK trade turnover reached US$30 billion, however, Viet Nam ran a trade deficit of US$8 billion with the partner.


Deputy PM Ninh suggested the RoK’s Government accelerate the implementation of the Viet Nam-ROK Free Trade Agreement to help Viet Nam’s agricultural product entry in the RoK’s market to reduce the trade deficit for Viet Nam.

Deputy PM Choi Kyong Hwan asserted that he will do his utmost to improve the trade balance in the future.

The two leaders discussed issues of shared concerns including the aid for Viet Nam to develop infrastructure, new rural establishment and management and benefits for Vietnamese workers in the RoK.

Viet Nam is the center of the RoK’s assistance, revealed Mr. Choi Kyong Hwan, adding that the two sides’ ministries will hold a meeting on investment and development in Ha Noi in next June to discuss the RoK’s development capital for Viet Nam.

The host agreed to share experience in new rural establishment with Viet Nam, train more human resources for Viet Nam and help manage new rural establishment programs effectively.

The two Deputy PMs expected that cooperative opportunities in economics, investment and cultural exchanges will create forces for the two sides’ development and prosperity.

Earlier, Deputy PM Vu Van Ninh met with Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Yoo il-ho and Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs Chong Jong Sup.

                                                                                                                                                                                Source VGP