Robots considered to be used in quarantined areas

13:05 | 09/04/2020 Society

On April 7th, scientists of the Military Technical Academy, Ministry of Defence, introduced a medical-assisted robot system, built entirely domestically.

These robots can work in groups in isolated areas, to replace and support health workers in who are caring for patients and suspected people. The robot model, called Vibot version 1a, was researched and built in two weeks by engineers of the Military Technical Academy.

The robots can automatically transport food, medicine, and necessities to the patient’s rooms: transporting household waste, medical waste, even laundry up to 100kg from the patient’s room to the gathering area and supporting delivery.

The robot works continuously for 12 hours and automatically returns to the station to charge when it's running out of power.

Each robot can replace 3-5 health workers. In addition to reducing the risk of infection, the use of robots also enables health workers to focus their time, effort, care and treatment for critically ill patients. Currently, these robots have been installed and tested at Bac Thang Long Hospital, Hanoi.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has also proposed that the Ministry of Health consider allowing this robot model to be used in isolated facilities as well.

Theo VTV