Yen My High School

Revolutionary tradition

13:00 | 02/10/2022 Society

(VEN) - Yen My District in Hung Yen Province is a place with revolutionary and cultural traditions, the hometown of the late Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, writer Vu Trong Phung, poet Doan Thi Diem and the Great Physician Hai Thuong Lan Ong Le Huu Trac. This tradition has created the basis for the learning emulation movement in the school.

The principal of Yen My High School Nguyen Ngoc Luan said the school has always received attention from the district’s authorities and timely directions from Hung Yen provincial Department of Education and Training. The teachers are united and enthusiastic about their jobs and education career.

revolutionary tradition

In order to improve learning quality, the school classifies classes according to capabilities and aspirations of students right from the 10th grade. Their aspirations are the basis for the school to work out training plans on specific subjects, enabling them to choose universities/colleges and careers after graduation.

“In the 2020-2021 school year, the school developed a plan for thematic, comprehensive and unscheduled examinations. As a result, the educational results were sustained and promoted compared to the previous year,” said teacher Nguyen Ngoc Luan.

Specifically, in the 2020-2021 school year, 39.76 percent of Yen My High School students were ranked excellent or very good, and 54.35 percent were rated “good”. The exam results for excellent students at all levels (school and provincial levels) in the coastal Northern Delta region were very encouraging. In particular, the school’s graduation ratio always exceeds 99 percent, and about 70 percent pass college and university entrance exams. Three students of the school received the Vallet Scholarship 2022 worth VND39 million.

revolutionary tradition

The school has a good reputation in vocational education and guidance, especially of 12th grade students mulling careers suitable to their abilities and forte. Life skills education has been integrated within other subjects and is also organized through educational activities and extra-curricular experiential activities.

The Yen My High School has been awarded the Second-class Labor Medal by the state president in recognition of its outstanding achievements over the past 55 years that serves to motivate future generations of Yen My High School students.

Dang Hinh