Restructuring at Vietnam Oil and Gas Group: Practical, streamlined and effective!

10:07 | 07/01/2019 Companies

(VEN) - The restructuring of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) created a new vitality and new spirit throughout all activities of the Group. The restructuring which included reduction in the number of departments/offices and clear specification of functions, duties and responsibilities of individuals and organizations initially resolved dependence, lack of responsibility, and delays in works.

restructuring at vietnam oil and gas group practical streamlined and effective

To implement Resolution No. 12 of the 5th plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee on continuing to restructure, innovate and raise the efficiency of State enterprises; Resolution No. 18 of the 12th Central Committee of the Party Central Committee on "Some issues on continuing to renovate and organize the apparatus of the political system, streamlined, effective and practical"; to effectively implement the targets set by the Politburo's Resolution 41-NQ/TW on "Development strategy of Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry up to 2025 and vision of 2035", PVN’s restructuring and arrangement of apparatus in a streamlined and efficient manner was drastically implemented by the Group’s Party Committee, and Members of the Board which received very high consensus in the whole political system of the Group.

In parallel with the restructuring of the executive apparatus, PVN also arranged personnels to departments and offices in accordance with their abilities and experience, based on the principles and criteria adopted by the Group’s Party Standing Committee and the Board.

The functions and tasks of the advisory apparatus to assist the Party Committee, the Members' Council, and the Board of Directors are reviewed and specified, initially overcoming overlappings so that a person can assume many tasks, but one task is run by only one organization, one person who take charge of the task.

The Group also pays special attachment to early retirement policies, creating unity and consensus of officials, party members and employees. The restructuring and personnel rearrangment have been made public, transparently, democraticcally, in line with regulations and thereby creating unity and consensus in the whole staff.

By the end of December 2018, PVN has trimmed from 32 professional boards / offices to 17 professional/office clues; the number of rooms in the Board / Office also decreased from 73 to 51; The number of leaders reduced from 111 to 64 ... The Group has strengthened 14/15 Head of the Group's Departments / Offices, 50 Deputy Directors / Office Offices and 116 room-level managers. It is expected that by 2020, 200 people at the advisory apparatus of the Group will be reduced.

Along with restructuring and arrangment of the executive apparatus at the Group, the restructuring and reorganizing apparatus at PVN’s member units were also implemented drastically and effectively. The Group introduced to elect / appoint 14 officials to participate in executive management positions, representatives of the Group at the member units.

The restructuring created a new vitality and new spirit in all activities of the Group. Officials, party members, and employees throughout the Group expressed their confidence and peace of mind to work hard, devote and overcome difficulties in order to successfully implement objectives and tasks. assigned by the Party and the Government.

In particular, the establishment of new departments on the basis of merging former departments having similar functions (Finance and Accounting, Organization and Human Resource Administration, Environmental Safety Technology, Communication and Corporate Culture) helped reduce similar jobs and simplify the process of handling work, thereby improving the speed of work handling, reducing the number of personnel needed to organize the implementation of new tasks of the departments and strengthen human resources for units and projects.

According to PVN, by the end of November 2018, it had to carry out production and business tasks in the context of fluctuating oil and gas market, the world economy had many potential risks, meanwhile, many difficulties and problems of the Group as well as its member units had not been promptly solved. However, with decisive directions of the Group’s Party Committee, Group Members' Council, solidarity, and efforts to overcome difficulties of employees of the Group, 11-month production targets of PVN have been completed and exceeded the set plan. Notably, total contribution to the State Budget in the first 11 months of 2018 reaching 108,122 trillion VND helped PVN complete and exceed 46.5% of the State budget plan in 2018. It also completed of crude oil exploitation plan in 2018 20 days ahead of schedule; and completed the plan to increase crude oil reserves in 2018 15 days ahead of schedule.

Being aware that the restructuring is a regular task of the Group’s leaders and party committees to maintain and enhance competitiveness in the new context of technology, market and development trends, in the coming time, PVN will focus on improving internal management regulations; building standards of job titles, perfecting the work of building personnel and conducting staff assessment; and perfecting the Human Resource Management System according to international standards ...

With initial positive results in the restructuring and arrangement of apparatus in accordance with the guidelines and orientations of the Party and State, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group is confident that with the care and support of the Party, State, ministries, sectors from central to local levels, the Group will fulfill all tasks assigned by the Party and the Government not only in 2018 but also in following years, contributing significantly to successfully implement socio-economic development objectives of the country.