Renewable energy to create 1 mln jobs in LatAm

15:02 | 28/05/2018 Cooperation

The use of renewable energy will help to create 1 million new jobs in Latin America over the next 12 years, a specialist from the International Labour Organization (ILO) recently said.

Illustration - Photo: IRENA

"At least 1 million jobs will be created as a result of the use of renewable energies, greater energy efficiency in buildings and the greater demand of electric cars, as well as other technological changes," Guillermo Montt said in a statement.

According to the expert, the implementation of new technologies by 2030, as part of government policies and private initiatives, could create as much as 4 million indirect jobs.

Montt added that advances in environmental protection policies should also seek to cover all productive activities, including energy renewal, agriculture, transport, construction, mining and fishing.

"The advance toward a generally more sustainable economy will impact all sectors and the choices we make will determine if we can achieve decent jobs and work in the region," he added.

Meanwhile, the regional director of the ILO, Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, said "The challenge of achieving environmental sustainability is one of the powerful forces which is shaping the future of work in this region."

According to an ILO report, around 75 million people across the Americas working in areas such as agriculture, tourism and fishing that are vulnerable to climate change.

Theo NDO/Xinhua