Remote controlled substations improve labor productivity

09:07 | 22/06/2018 Industry

(VEN) - The Power Transmission Company 1 (PTC1) under the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) is launching 14 remote control centers and unmanned substations this year in order to improve its transmission network management and operational capabilities.

remote controlled substations improve labor productivity

The recently opened Mai Dong remote control center is the first of its kind in Hanoi, integrated with two 220kV substations in Long Bien and Kim Dong. Vu Van Dung, head of the Mai Dong center, said the 220kV Long Bien substation has been put into operation, while technical infrastructure work is still underway at the Kim Dong substation. After five months of operation, the greatest benefit is the reduction in the number of employees at each substation.

The remote control centers monitor the operations of substations and can immediately detect unusual activity caused by malfunctions or other problems, and alert the relevant staff.

According to the development orientation of EVNNPT, remote control center and unmanned substation, by 2020 all 110kV substations will be unmanned and the number of operators at all 220kV and 500kV substations will be reduced.

Vu Son Ha, deputy director of Hanoi Power Transmission, said the application of modern technologies has contributed to improving the reliability of power supplies, as well as increasing labor productivity. In the past, whenever a power failure occurred, technicians had to manually scan and correct the problems. Thanks to advanced technologies, technicians can monitor electricity transmission from afar and see such elements as voltage, current and capacity, contributing to the safe operation of the power grid. The system also informs management units of power failures in order to help them work out solutions. In addition, the system detects and warns of transient incidents, helping to eliminate faults faster without going to the field, especially in bad weather conditions.

According to Vu Son Ha, the PTC1 will continue to put more unmanned substations into operation. These include the Ha Dong remote control center monitoring the 220kV Thanh Cong and Son Tay substations, and the Bac Ninh remote control center monitoring the 220kV Quang Chau substation. By 2020, additional substations will be hooked up to the Mai Dong and Ha Dong remote control centers.

The construction and development of remote control centers and unmanned substations are helping to build a smart

grid and improve the reliability of power supplies.

Thu Huong