Regulations 'impeding' rice enterprises abolished

10:19 | 06/01/2017 Trade

On 4th January 2017, the Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh decided to abolish Decision No. 6139/QD-BCT regulating export rice traders.

The above Decision was causing difficulties for enterprises in rice export.

Accordingly, the criteria and conditions for rice export and business stipulated in Decision No. 6139/QD-BCT (including regulations on the control of the maximum number of 150 top rice export enterprises; regulations on construction investment, warehouses and milling stations to meet business conditions in 20 provinces and cities; and criteria on rice export performance and achievements) have been officially abolished.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the abolition of these criteria to eliminate regulations on business conditions were inconsistent with the Investment Law in 2014, to ensure the transparency of the environment business, and create favourable conditions for enterprises investing in the rice export business, contributing to strengthening rice export and consumption of rice.

In the difficult context of the rice export market, the abolition of these regulations will remove difficulties of enterprises and promote the export of rice.

Therefore, along with the reduction and simplification of administrative procedures for 123 procedures in early December 2016, abolition of Circular 37 for the textiles sector, the launching of online public services portal and the amendment of Circular 07, the abolition of Decision No. 6139/ QD-BCT regulating export rice traders has again shown the determination of the Minister, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh with a commitment that "the Ministry of Industry and Trade will take the lead in the reform of administrative procedures".

Earlier, on 19th September 2016, on the basis of assessment of practical regulations on export rice traders, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Official Dispatch 8768/BCT-XNK to propose to the Government to abolish regulations on export rice traders issued with Decision No. 6139/QD-BCT.

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