Reed Tradex: Joining Vietnamese industrialists for deeper regional connectivity

16:52 | 24/09/2018 Industry

(VEN) - METALEX Vietnam 2018 will take place from October 11-13 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City. The exhibition is the annual converge of manufacturing and supporting industries to discover effective metalworking solutions, product launches, critical business intelligence and collaborative partnerships for business growth in the emerging market of Vietnam. Vietnam Economic News’ My Phung spoke with Suttisak Wilanan, the Deputy Managing Director of the Reed Tradex Co., Ltd, and the organizer of METALEX Vietnam, about their plan for, and direction of the exhibition to further support Vietnam industrialists for deeper regional connectivity.

reed tradex joining vietnamese industrialists for deeper regional connectivity

Can you tell about the good result of METALEX Vietnam 2017?

METALEX Vietnam 2017 brought 500 diverse buyers from 25 countries and delivered nearly 15,000 quality visitors in Ho Chi Minh City with 275 visitor groups, a seven percent increase over 2016. The exhibition is a place for cutting-edge metalworking technologies and solutions to meet the needs of improving productivity and competitive advantage for manufacturers. One of the key success points which make exhibitors to confidently continue participating in our exhibitions is not only the specialized content, but also the good preparation, comprehensive marketing plan to deliver the right targeted partners to all the participants.

What did Reed Tradex do as the exhibition organizer to help industrialists and manufacturers in Vietnam take new opportunities in this promising market?

In recent years, Vietnam has transformed itself from subcontracting and assembly to be the industry of processing and manufacturing. The integration pressure on industrial products will also get higher in near future. Vietnam’s science and technology development strategy until 2020 requests a 15-20 percent of technological improvement per year. It means that after five years, a new generation of technology must replace the old one. But the good news is, on the other hands, innovation means not only replacing old machines with new ones but also changing a management system as well as developing high-quality human resources, which remains uncompetitive level in Vietnam.

One of the solutions is to strengthen cooperation between scientists and businesses as well as promotion of international cooperation in the fields of science and technology in order to keep up with the world. Setting our role as a business promoter, especially in manufacturing industry, we do believe that not about using the most modern technology, but the right technology will help Vietnam to narrow the gap with the world’s hi-tech demand. The world is changing; the strategy of “big fish eat little fish” will no longer effective, replaced by “fast fish eat slow fish”.

Recognizing the opportunities and development paths from existing challenges, in 2018, we will focus on developing the exhibition program to be more competitive, not only demonstrate the machineries, but also coordinate with organizations, experts in the industry, and the businesses who are holding the technology to implement the transmission of knowledge resources, technology transfer and exchange of the ability to apply technology and machinery practically, with highest financial efficiency for the manufacturers in Vietnam.

We also aim to create our exhibition to become “one platform, one station” where is the center of industrialist community. The community is not only in the scope of domestic where all manufacturers can exchange and connect to be able win at the local market, but also the crossing participant of international communities such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, Europe, etc. to gain more advantage and get in lane quickly with global standard.

METALEX Vietnam 2018, Vietnam’s international exhibition on machine tools and metalworking solutions, will deliver technologies and business opportunities to the industrial community, which will lead to improvement and upgrades in industrial infrastructure, propelling Vietnam as one of the important manufacturing hubs in ASEAN. At the same time, electronics industrialists will have the chance to experience the latest SMT, solutions and technology for electronics manufacturing at NEPCON Vietnam 2018, which will return to Ho Chi Minh City this year.

We will open widely to welcome the entire local and foreign industrialists to the exhibitions, and also come along with business match making program in which the participants don’t need to be charged any fee, and it’s in terms of the concept to deliver the highest opportunity between investors and manufacturers, suppliers. The seminar programs are planned with rich content to provide knowledge management for top levels in the organization, and also the technical knowledge and experience sharing, production solutions for the research department and manufacturing department. At our exhibitions, there are not only leading brands from around the world, but also experts in the industry, always ready to share technical experience and knowledge with visitors.

reed tradex joining vietnamese industrialists for deeper regional connectivity
METALEX Vietnam 2017

What are your advices to new businesspeople who are in the middle of a search to find the right opportunity at the exhibition?

Apart from technologies on exhibit, for overseas investors, it is an opportunity to network with local suppliers so that they can better manage their needs to import industrial parts. Reed Tradex feels fortunate to be provided with an excellent opportunity to cooperate with JETRO, ITPC and CSID to coorganize the exhibition Supporting Industry Show 2018 at this year’s event. This alliance will empower the transfer of new technologies and the expansion of business networks between Vietnamese businesses and global enterprises, which are vital to sharpen the competitive edges of the supporting industry. This will open new opportunities to prepare local businesses for deeper regional connectivity.

My Phung