Rang Dong heads for hi-tech agriculture

17:40 | 16/04/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - General Director of the Rang Dong Light Sources and Vacuum Flask JSC Nguyen Doan Thang said that the company would like to cooperate to develop hi-tech agriculture. He made the comment at a recent meeting themed “Research and Application of Dedicated Light Sources Suitable for Breeding, Luring or Killing Animals and Microorganisms in Service of High-tech Agriculture and Sustainable Development.”

Rang Dong heads  for hi-tech agriculture

In recent years, the company’s advanced lighting technologies have been applied more frequently in different fields, particularly in the fields of hi-tech agriculture including stimulating crops, plants and livestock to grow.
For example, appropriate lighting and wavelengths have been applied to the chrysanthemum plant in Da Lat to regulate its flowering and to the dragon fruit plant in the south to make it yield fruit as farmers want in order to increase their sales value. Through applying these technologies, many farmers have escaped poverty.
According to Director of the National Institute of Animal Sciences Nguyen Thanh Son, although the light also works great with animals, especially with the reproductive process, these new lighting technologies have yet to be applied to the breeding sector. Vietnam is used to applying old lighting technologies without thorough study and research, such as in increasing poultry egg production. So, if there are sufficient researches on lighting technologies for livestock, the livestock sector can develop much more.
Assoc. Prof. Ngo Vinh Vien, the former Director of the Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), said, “Lighting technologies to stimulate plants to grow and light traps to eradicate pests should be combined in new farm farming models including greenhouses to limit the amount of pesticides to be used while contributing to the development of an environment-friendly agro-forestry sector. A few years ago, the PPRI had to buy light traps from Chinese partners at US$1,500 per unit which can collect insects automatically. If the Rang Dong Light Sources and Vacuum Flask JSC can study and develop such products, I believe that they will have a potential market and we will be glad not to use as many harmful pesticides.”
Recognizing that the demand for hi-tech lighting technologies in breeding, planting and microorganisms sectors is growing high, the Vietnam Bio-study Branch Association and the Rang Dong Light Sources and Vacuum Flask JSC decided to hold the meeting, with the intention to linking both lighting technology developers and potential customers.
Scientific Director of the Rang Dong Light Sources and Vacuum Flask JSC’s R&D Center Do Xuan Thanh was very happy to see that there is an urgent need of hi-tech lighting technologies revealed during the meeting. However, he was skeptical about the center’s limited ability to do related researches. “We will select studies based on two criteria: effectiveness for the order placer and feasibility for researchers. Inter-branch cooperation is necessary to accelerate the studying process while making the results more practical,” he said.

General Director of the Rang Dong Light Sources and Vacuum Flask JSC Nguyen Doan Thang was also committed to supporting scientists and managers. 

                                                                                                                                                                            By Thanh Tam

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