Rambutan mango, longan exports surge

13:59 | 09/03/2015 Trade

Two month- exports of dragon fruits, rambutans, mangoes and longans to the four demanding markets-the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK) and New Zealand swelled 25.8% to 945 tonnes.

Rambutan mango, longan exports surge

According to the Plant Protection Department (PPD), dragon fruits exports, accounted for 80% of total export turnover. The US remained the biggest importer of dragon fruits with 450 tonnes, trailed by Japan and the RoK.

Local businesses predicted that fruit exports to the lucrative markets this year will pick up as longans and lychees are shipped to the US.

Mango exports to the RoK showed positive signals with 46.8 tonnes of mango exported to the market, equal to last year’s figure.

The PPD said this year the country is set to ship more mangoes and star apples to the US, lychees, mangos and dragon fruits to Australia and mangoes to Japan.

 Source VOV News

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