Raising farmer awareness of int’l integration

10:24 | 06/07/2016 Society

(VEN) - Recognizing that farmers are the most affected part of the economy in the international integration process, the Vietnamese Farmers Association recently held a workshop in Hanoi to find solutions for farmers when Vietnam joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Raising farmer awareness of int’l integration

Farmers are the most impacted

According to statistics, there are about 10 million farmer households across the country, with each of which farming an average area of 0.62ha. They face lots of difficulties in terms of capital and limited land. They also lack access to market information and participation in agricultural production and value chains.

Vietnam has signed 15 regional and global trade agreements including the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. However, opportunities are often accompanied by challenges. Vietnamese farmers will face fierce competition from foreign counterparts in cultivation and breeding as tax and non-tax barriers are removed or cut, said FAO Representative in Vietnam Jong Ha Bae.

Farmers are vulnerable in the international integration process due to low competitiveness, said Deputy Director of the Vietnamese Farmers Association’s Economic Department Nguyen Duc Ngoc.

Attracting private investment

It is necessary to find solutions to promote investment into agricultural development, especially from the private sector. Agricultural and non-agricultural production should be focused on, especially improved skills. Decentralized management models should be piloted to reduce costs while improving effectiveness. More incentives and vocational training opportunities should be offered for farmers to help them adapt to new circumstances, said Jong Ha Bae.

According to Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development Le Duc Thinh, domestic agricultural products have to compete based on quality, so related ministries, agencies and associations should play a key role in helping farmers with more effective financial and technological solutions.

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Vietnamese Farmers’ Association Leu Vu Dieu said, “The Vietnamese Farmers Association will petition the government for further trade incentives for farmers, direct its affiliates to closely cooperate with local authorities, scientists and entrepreneurs to better assist farmers in the international integration process.”


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