Raising awareness about heart health

20:07 | 28/09/2018 Society

On International Heart Day (Sep 29), Manulife Corporate worked with the International Heart Associations to carry out the campaign to increase the public awareness about heart health worldwide.

This campaign delivers the message to prevent heart related illness via series of events, communications activities on social media, shared videos, fundraising activities at local areas and buildings, historical places and sites.

According to the International Heart Associations, if people could manage 4 risk factors: smoking, eating habits, passive and alcohol drinking, they can avoid at least 80% of risk from heart illness. Communications activities on this date are part of cooperation program between Manulife and the International Heart Associations. Within this program, Manulife sponsors for the World Heart Day campaign for 3 years, aiming to increase awareness and strengthen the effort to prevent heart related issues, and decrease 25% of death rate because of heart related issues in 2025.