Quang Tri Province helps rural industries apply modern technology

09:00 | 17/09/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Industry promotion programs in the north-central province of Quang Tri have achieved encouraging results and are expected to create a breakthrough in rural industrial production.

A 2021-2025 industry promotion program worth VND45.88 billion for Quang Tri Province has been approved. The program will be funded with VND15.9 billion by the national industry promotion program and VND16.48 billion by the provincial industry promotion program. In addition, Quang Tri will mobilize VND200-400 million per year from district coffers for industry promotion activities.

quang tri province helps rural industries apply modern technology
Many production facilities in Quang Tri Province have had access to industry promotion funding

Industry promotion programs in the province include building 10-12 technical demonstration models of new products and advanced technology application, and assisting 90-100 projects in technology transfer and advanced machinery and equipment application. Priority will be given to the application of modern technology to production of new products, material efficient and environmentally friendly technology, and the scaling up of efficient production models.

The industry promotion funding will also be used to implement 10-12 projects for cleaner industrial production, provide vocational training for 300 local workers, and build and protect 10 local brands and trademarks.

Despite the increasingly complicated Covid-19 pandemic, the provincial Industry Promotion Center tested three projects in Huong Hoa District, including application of advanced machinery and equipment in coffee production in Huong Phung Commune, fine art wooden furniture production in Tan Long Commune, and Xingfa aluminum door production in Tan Hop Commune.

Quang Tri attaches great importance to the role and contribution of enterprises and rural industrial production. Accordingly, the province will simplify administrative procedures and create an open and favorable business environment to mobilize resources for industry promotion from businesses and attract investment capital. Quang Tri will encourage organizations and individuals that are beneficiaries of industry promotion programs to prepare adequate reciprocal capital for implementation of programs and projects, and prioritize projects with large investment capital in order to attract investment from all economic sectors.

Quang Tri Province is mobilizing capital from a variety of sources to implement and ensure the efficiency of the province’s 2021-2025 industry promotion program.

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