Quang Ninh province moves to promote FDI

09:27 | 07/10/2015 Economy

The Investment Promotion Agency of Quang Ninh province on October 5 held a seminar in an aggressive move to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction in the province that drew a large gathering of foreign companies.

Quang Ninh province moves to promote FDI

In his opening remarks, Deputy Head Truong Manh Hung welcomed all those in attendance and said provincial authorities have been working diligently with the business community to make the province a global business hub.

Hung emphasized the efforts the province is making, including deregulation, simplification of administrative procedures, and the improvement of the transport infrastructure.

In addition, he described its appealing features including the huge consumer market, numerous investment opportunities, strong protection of intellectual property rights, premier living environment, and strong policies and support for foreign companies.

Specifically, Hung mentioned the opportunities for investment into a waste water treatment project in Uong Bi City, a Co To Con resort and a hi-tech seafood processing plant in Co To Island.

Vice Director Le Huong Giang in turn spoke in more detail about the administrative reforms of the province along with matters pertaining to the province’s growth model, investment environment improvement, public infrastructure and tourism.

He underscored the point that in both 2013 and 2014, Quang Ninh was among the top five localities in terms of the provincial competitiveness index (PCI).

As of the end of September, businesses from 17 countries had pledged nearly US$5.1 billion of FDI for investments in the province with declared FDI reaching US$1.4 billion so far this year, Giang concluded./.

Source: VOVnews

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