Quang Ninh prioritizes strategic investors

16:07 | 09/06/2015 Economy

(VEN) - The investment environment in Quang Ninh Province has never been as attractive to investors as it is today. However, the province needs to be more decisive in revoking the licenses of unfeasible projects.

Quang Ninh prioritizes strategic investors

Vincom Center Ha Long is an effective investment project in Quang Ninh Province

According to the Quang Ninh Planning and Investment Department, the province currently has 148 projects. So far, it has decided to revoke the licenses for 13 projects due to delayed implementation. However, none of these decisions has been implemented.

Quang Ninh province people’s committee chairman Nguyen Duc Long

“Quang Ninh is willing to create the best conditions for really capable investors to carry out their projects in the province. It offers special priorities to strategic investors with feasible projects but also pays great attention to capable and experienced medium and small investors who really want to invest in the province.”

At a recent meeting with local authorities to talk about projects which have had their planning schemes approved but no sites have been handed over to their investors, Quang Ninh Province People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Long highlighted the necessity of preventing any waste of land and ensuring effective use of land resources for socioeconomic development as well as national defense and security. The use of land resources must be checked on a regular basis. “To ensure effective land confiscations, local authorities need to work directly with investors but not authorized persons and seriously implement necessary legal procedures before submitting their proposals to the provincial people’s committee so that the committee can make timely decisions on land confiscations,” he said.

The biggest difficulties facing investors and local authorities are those related to site clearance. These difficulties have been one of the reasons leading to the delay of many investment projects in Quang Ninh Province.

Priorities for strategic investors

Another problem facing local authorities is that in some cases, new investors want to carry out their projects on sites which have been handed over to previous investors but remain unused. If local authorities do not take back the sites which have been handed over to suspended projects, financially capable investors who are really eager for investing in the province will be put at a disadvantage because they will have no land to carry out their projects. “The provincial people’s committee will deal flexibly with investment projects in order to encourage really experienced and financially capable investors to invest in Quang Ninh,” Chairman Nguyen Duc Long said.

He requested the chairpersons of the people’s committees of districts and lower-level localities to be responsible for dealing with site clearance-related matters. They have to work with investors before reporting the actual conditions of their projects to the provincial people’s committee so that the committee can check before making suitable decisions and prevent investor complaints.

Chairman Nguyen Duc Long requested local authorities to work with the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group and the Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No. 5 (CIENCO-5) in June as these two units have many projects using land in Quang Ninh Province./.

By Thanh Ha Thuy

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