Quang Ninh Power Company minimizes natural disaster losses

13:30 | 11/10/2021 Companies

(VEN) - In order to minimize damages caused by natural disasters and ensure safe, stable power supply for socioeconomic development in Quang Ninh Province, the Quang Ninh Power Company has worked out a natural disaster prevention and search & rescue plan for 2021 based on the actual situation of local grid management and the experience of previous years.

quang ninh power company minimizes natural disaster losses

In recent years, the coastal province of Quang Ninh suffered heavy climate change consequences such as long spells of hot weather, thunderstorms and floods.

Due to increased power consumption in the hot season, especially during peak hours, the company faces potential overload on distribution transformers as well as medium and low-voltage electrical wires, raising risks of widespread power cuts.

The company has provided guidance for its member units to ensure safe, uninterrupted supply, giving priority to strengthening the flood discharge pumping systems to prevent waterlogging in Dong Trieu District, Quang Yen Town and areas around hospitals, radio and television stations, mining companies, and industrial zones.

The company also attaches great importance to ensuring safety and preventing fire and explosions at electrical works as well as storage facilities and the company’s offices. The staff on duty has been increased to deal on a timely basis with incidents and necessary repairs. Discipline at work has been tightened, strictly forbidding alcohol and other stimulants as well as card playing.

The company has coordinated with local authorities to ensure security at its office and electrical works. The dissemination of information about safe and economical use of electricity has been intensified. Violations of power grid safety regulations have been dealt with severely.

The company will continue necessary repairs to ensure safe operation of its 110kV power stations and transmission lines, while 35kV, 22kV, 10 kV and 6kV electrical wires will be checked on a daily basis. Major overhauls of the entire power grid will be temporarily stopped to ensure safe operation.

The company has drawn lessons from previous experience in dealing with faults, helping it prepare well for effective natural disaster prevention and search & rescue.

The Quang Ninh Power Company has worked out a natural disaster prevention and search & rescue plan for 2021 and organized drills to prepare for dealing with power grid incidents.

Kim Chi & Tran Huong