Quang Ninh PC powers up campaign against plastic waste

13:00 | 30/07/2021 Environment

(VEN) - The Quang Ninh Power Company’s proactive responses to natural disasters and reduction of plastic waste have provided safe and stable electricity and created a green-clean working environment, raising awareness of environmental protection among managers and employees.

Proactive responses to natural disaster

As a coastal province, Quang Ninh in general and the local power industry in particular are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, such as abnormal weather changes, prolonged hot weather, rainstorms and floods. The provincial power company has had to pay particular attention to natural disaster prevention, search and rescue and effective power supply.

Director of Quang Ninh PC Nguyen Thanh Tinh said due to good preparation, the company directed its member units to quickly fix and handle power grid problems to restore power to customers, and prevent landslides and leaks at power works. Therefore, despite the impacts of many storms on substations in Ha Lam, Ha Khanh and other areas in 2020, no property damage was reported, and grid problems were promptly fixed and power was restored.

Using glass bottles and cups to replace plastic bottles

Tinh added that the company has regularly checked, detected and promptly handled problems before the stormy season and at the same time set up a volunteer team in charge of natural disaster prevention and search and rescue.

Reducing plastic wastes

The company has recently joined the campaign to reduce plastic waste to the lowest possible level in the industry and trade sector. For example, its Mong Cai branch is now using glass bottles and cups to replace plastic bottles at all meetings and conferences, raising employee awareness of the harmful effects of plastic wastes and the importance of environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources.

Limiting the use of plastic products is identified as the most important task of the branch’s campaign “Joining hands to protect the environment - Saying no to plastic waste”, encouraging disposal of single-use plastic waste and actively seeking alternatives to disposable plastic products in activities of the unit and the local community.

Other power units and branches in the province have also renovated their working environment, landscapes and campuses to create an airy and friendly space; regularly checked and replaced old, broken equipment, gradually improved office hygiene standards, labelled equipment and issued instructions on energy efficiency.

Director of Quang Ninh PC Nguyen Thanh Tinh:

Each company employees has assumed personal responsibility for efforts to build a green-clean attractive working


Thu Huong