Quang Ninh improves industry promotion efficiency

12:14 | 10/03/2019 Industry

(VEN) - The Quang Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade is working to improve industry promotion efficiency in the province by upgrading the skills of the industry promotion workforce and encouraging large enterprises to participate in industry promotion projects.

quang ninh improves industry promotion efficiency

National industry promotion programs help Quang Ninh Province implement many technical demonstration model projects

According to a representative of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, national industry promotion programs have consistently helped local industrial development.

From 2014-2018, using funding provided by national industry promotion programs, the Industry Promotion Center of Quang Ninh Province financed 13 technical demonstration model and technology transfer projects and offered vocational training for 145 workers.

However, the department representative said industry promotion in the province is still facing many difficulties: The funding that Quang Ninh has been allocated is much lower than what the province demands; project establishment, approval and finalization formalities remain complicated, and industry promotion officials need to be trained for better performance.

The Quang Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade has developed solutions to overcome medium and long-term difficulties. By 2020, department agencies will promote technology, product, market and production equipment research so they can better help rural industrial production establishments.

The province will encourage capable enterprises to supply materials to and buy products made by workers or recruit trained people to help promote rural industrial production development. The province will build a roadmap to develop industry promotion networks at different levels to improve the efficiency of industry promotion.

From now to 2030, the provincial industrial promotion sector will focus on developing support and processing industries and promote cleaner industrial production to improve natural resources efficiency, minimize gas emissions and protect the environment.

The Quang Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade proposed that the Ministry of Industry and Trade approve a 2021-2030 national industry promotion program so Quang Ninh can build its own industry promotion program, and provide guidelines for application of economic-technical norms subject to industry promotion projects funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade-managed state budget.

Quang Ninh implemented industry promotion programs with total capital of more than VND91.3 billion from 2014-

2018, of which VND9 billion was funded by the state and the remainder was capital of rural industrial establishments.

Hai Linh