Quang Ninh implements special economic zone model

14:08 | 11/04/2014 Economy

(VEN) - An international conference on the experience and opportunities provided by developing special economic zones in Ha Long City attracted the participation of 400 domestic and foreign delegates and speakers. Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Van Doc said that the conference contributed to affirming the province’s position and political determination in looking for new development models in an interview with Vietnam Economic News’ Mai Phuong.

Photo: Quang Ngoc

Why did Quang Ninh Province organize the conference?

Quang Ninh Province actively proposed the project on developing rapid and sustainable economy, ensuring national defense and security and constructing the Van Don and Mong Cai Special Economic Zone models to the Politburo on September 8, 2012. The building and development of the Van Don and Mong Cai Special Economic Zone models aimed at developing outwardly orientated economy and piloting special administrative and economic models and some specific mechanisms and policies, contributing to creating an engine for the province’s socioeconomic development. According to Notice 108-TB/TW dated October 1, 2012, the Politburo directed Quang Ninh Province in cooperation with ministries and departments to expeditiously complete the project on building the Van Don and Mong Cai Special Economic Zone models.

The implementation process of the project on developing the zone models was seriously implemented. In addition to the establishment of the provincial steering committee chaired by the provincial party committee secretary, Quang Ninh Province organized several meetings with ministries, departments and state management agencies to collect opinions from experts and managers. Moreover, the province sent staff to learn experience from foreign countries that successfully developed special and free economic zone models such as China, the Republic of Korea and UAE. Organizing international conferences with the participation of domestic and foreign delegates and speakers was a top priority in the implementation plan.

However, the idea of organizing large-scale international conference was concretized in August 2013 for the first time after much discussion with the Shenzhen University’s China Center for Special Economic Zone Research.

The international conference offered opportunities to exchange and learn experience from leading scientists to serve for the implementation of the project on building the Van Don Special Economic Zone, promote the province’s potential, advantages and policy reforms. The international conference also contributed to attracting investment to Quang Ninh Province with a focus on the Van Don Special Economic Zone and the Mong Cai Border Gate Economic Zone.

The successful organization of the international conference contributed to strengthening legal and scientific bases for the construction and development of special economic zones, demonstrating the feasibility and successful possibility in building special economic zones and confirming the interest and support of the business community and investors in the implementation process. In addition, the international conference also confirmed Quang Ninh Province’s pioneering role in the initiation and implementation of special economic zone models, creating a new development engine for the country and localities.

What does Quang Ninh Province expect from the conference?

Vietnam has remained in the early stage of the construction and development of special economic zones while many countries and regions have successfully developed many special economic zones, free economic zones and free trade zones. These models have attracted foreign investment capital of trillions of dollars, contributing to creating a development engine for the economy. In addition, it has also contributed to confirming the development trend of special economic zones in many countries.

In terms of Van Don District, administrative institutions will be directed at the urban model. The government will make decisions in accordance with Vietnam’s current situation. However, such an institution must work based on the law.

Together with advantages in terms of geographical location, natural resources, human resources, development potential, the government’s strong support and Quang Ninh Province’s political determination as well as requirements of perfecting mechanisms and policies, improving the investment environment and enhancing competitiveness in attracting investment capital, building special economic zones in accordance with Vietnam’s actual conditions is needed. However, to successfully build and develop a special economic zone, it requires a huge amount of investment capital not only from the state budget but also from external resources. While the state budget remains limited, the mobilization of external resources remains difficult and contains certain risks. Therefore, selecting potential sites to build special economic zones is necessary, contributing to ensuring feasibility and high efficiency for the project.

On the basis of learning experience about building, developing and managing special economic zones from foreign countries, Quang Ninh Province has learned some lessons and experience of success and failure. Through the international conference, Quang Ninh Province expected that state management agencies, experienced scientists, professionals, managers and speakers will make specific recommendations for Vietnam in general and Quang Ninh Province in particular in each condition and circumstance./.

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