Quang Ngai urged to develop tourism

15:24 | 27/08/2018 Society

Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh has urged the central province of Quang Ngai to tap into its tourism potential, in part by calling for domestic and foreign investment to build more tourism products.

Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh speaks at the working session with Quang Ngai officials on August 22 - Source: baoquangngai

During a working session with provincial authorities on August 22, she lauded the province’s efforts in socio-economic development, especially in terms of maintaining the welfare of local people.

She noted that Quang Ngai needs to develop industry in tandem with environmental protection, while also accelerating poverty reduction by making use of the State’s sustainable poverty reduction and new rural development schemes.

In new rural development, she suggested giving priority to qualified localities, adding that those that have met the criteria for new-style rural areas should be developed into model ones.

Apart from socio-economic development, she called for further attention given to maintaining national defence and security.

Thinh noted that people in the fishing sector should be educated about relevant domestic and international laws, as well as knowledge regarding national sovereignty.

In particular, the province was asked to not overlook disaster prevention and control, and instead strive to deal with issues of public concern such as pollution, child abuse, and drowning.

In the first half of this year, Quang Ngai posted a 9.23 percent growth in gross regional development product (GRDP) year-on-year. The value of the agro-forestry-fisheries sector surpassed 1.44 trillion VND, or 49.3 percent of the plan. It earned US$245.5 million from exports, equivalent to 54.6 percent. Revenue to the State budget topped 9.2 trillion VND in the half of 2018.

Quang Ngai is famous for its cultural vestiges, such as the Chau Sa Citadel, and Ong and Mai Son pagodas; and beautiful landscapes like Thien An mountain, Tra Khuc river, and Sa Huynh and My Khe beaches. Tourists also have a chance to visit popular old battlefields such as Ba To, Tra Bong, Ba Gia, Van Tuong, and Son My.

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