Quang Ngai develops rural markets

09:04 | 11/08/2016 Society

(VEN) - Quang Ngai Province intends to call for investment from various sources, especially from businesses, to boost construction of rural markets.

Quang Ngai develops rural markets

More than 15 rural markets in Quang Ngai, which are managed by businesses and cooperatives, have proved to be effective retail outlets for domestic goods, contributing significantly to the implementation of the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.

Quang Ngai invested VND446.7 billion to set up 44 rural markets from 2010-2015, with some VND229.7 billion (51 percent) pooled by businesses and the private sector.

Thanks to the investment, these markets have attracted more sellers and buyers, including corporations. However, according to the Quang Ngai Department of Industry and Trade, there are still obstacles to rural market development.

Built more than a decade ago, most local markets in the province have now been degraded and do not meet requirements in terms of scale, equipment, power, clean water supply, waste treatment and parking lots. In addition, management modes of rural markets have proved less effective, due to vague and inappropriate administrative procedures, responsibilities and benefits.

Recognizing that, Quang Ngai planned to take a series of solutions including financially supporting the construction or upgrading of rural markets across the province using funds for other programs like 30a and New Rural Construction, while calling for contribution from the private sector. Training courses for rural market management staff are also in the plans. 

During the 2010-2015 period, Quang Ngai invested VND446.7 billion in rural market development, including VND127.6 billion (28 percent) from state budget.


Hai Linh

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