Quang Nam Province restoring traditional craft villages

06:00 | 24/07/2022 Industry

(VEN) - The central province of Quang Nam is seeking to develop its craft villages on a sustainable basis, not only preserving traditional artisanship but also providing a viable source of income and a tourism attraction. Brocade weaving, carpentry, pottery, and silk are just some of the craft villages the province is hoping to strengthen.

Quang Nam Province is now determined to bring the brand alive, said Tran Thi Yen, a silk producer in Ma Chau silk village.

The province is seeking to preserve and develop traditional crafts, remove difficulties faced by craft village producers, develop markets for craft village products, OCOP (one commune one product) products and outstanding rural industrial products, and promote craft villages’ role in increasing employment and rural workers’ incomes.

quang nam province restoring traditional craft villages

One such village is Ma Chau in Duy Xuyen District whose silk products were highly popular in the 16th century, with silk weaving providing generous incomes for thousands of households. However, wars, displacement, industrialization and other developments over time almost wiped out the brand and the craft.

The conservation and development of craft villages in Quang Nam Province in particular and central provinces in general are facing difficulties, major ones of which are labor and raw material shortages, poor investment, inefficient state-invested infrastructure projects, and production households’ lack of capital.

Due to the problems, a number of crafts and craft villages are in a danger of extinction.

The government should pave the way for craft village enterprises to access preferential credit for infrastructure and production development.

Duong Ngoc Truyen, head of the Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village in Dien Phuong Commune of Quang Nam Province’s Dien Ban Town, suggested that the government develop showrooms for craft village products and upgrade roads for better transportation of raw materials and goods, adopt policies to preserve and develop craft villages, and encourage villagers to join and develop craft village businesses.

Dang Ba Du, Director of the Quang Nam Province Department of Industry and Trade, said apart from trade fairs and exhibitions, craft village products need to be promoted online and through electronic commerce. Quang Nam will apply new modes of trade promotion, he said. The government is expected to adopt policies strengthening training in e-commerce and digital transformation for enterprises, he added.

Ho Quang Buu, Deputy Chair of the Quang Nam Province People's Committee, said it is necessary to create opportunities for craft village representatives, artisans and skilled workers to meet and exchange information and experiences in order to promote supply-demand connections and expand the market for craft village products.

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