PVTrans Oil deploys liner on Singapore – Papua New Guinea – Australia shipping route

10:36 | 12/10/2018 Companies

(VEN) - On August 25th, 2018, PVTrans Oil – a member company of the PetroVietnam Transportation Corporation (PVTrans) handed over the PVT Saturn vessel to customers for long-term shipments of petrol, oil and chemicals on the Singapore – Papua New Guinea -  Australia shipping route, a new sea trade route of PVTrans Oil which requires strict management and marine security.     

pvtrans oil deploys liner on singapore papua new guinea australia sea route
The sea trade route of PVT Saturn liner from Papua New Guinea to eastern Australia

PVT Saturn has a total deadweight of 13.159,67 DWT, a length of 128.60 M, a width of 20.40 M, and a draft of 8.714 M, with max speed at 13,4 nautical miles/hour. It was built in 2008 in South Korea. The operation of PVT Saturn vessel lifted the total deadweight of PVTrans Oil’s fleet to more than 40.000 DWT.

After the hand-over on June 22, 2017, the PVT Saturn vessel performed its first shipment transporting CPO from TarJun, Indonesia to eastern India. Since then, the vessel has carried out transportation services in North Asia, India and the Middle East...

The 2018-2019 period is seen as a good opportunity for PVTrans Oil to develop its fleet to serve large international cargo owners regarding vessel high technical, management and safety standards. The development of the fleet will also open opportunities for the company to expand operations, and find new customers on the international market.

pvtrans oil deploys liner on singapore papua new guinea australia sea route

PVTrans is a shipping company with the largest tankship fleet in Vietnam. It has developed its own brands and prestige in the domestic and international market via service quality improvements. As a key member company of PVTrans, PVTrans Oil has gradually affirmed its position in the international oil transport market, which is also the foundation for it to develop strongly in the coming time.

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