PVN promotes corporate culture

16:32 | 26/06/2020 Companies

(VEN) - The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and a sharp decline in oil prices have greatly affected trade and production activities of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN), the state-owned group responsible for all oil and gas resources in the country and the country’s largest oil producer and second-largest power producer. However, PVN has still tried hard to complete the set targets.  

pvn promotes corporate culture

Due to the spread of Covid-19 and tumbling oil prices, a series of large oil and gas groups around the world have incurred losses. However, PVN is an exception as it has basically completed the set targets. For petroleum workers, overcoming challenges and difficulties has become a unique cultural character.

Each subsidiary under PVN has its own characteristics and business methods. However, all those things are based on the core values of petroleum culture, which is the desire to contribute to the country, professionalism at work, high responsibility, and humane behaviors with colleagues and partners.

In the beginning of 2020, PVN’s Communications and Corporate Culture Division advised with its party committee and leaders to develop the project on restoring PetroVietnam culture, which is firstly applied at the group. In the coming time, the Communications and Corporate Culture Division will promote the implementation of the project in a comprehensive manner.

Specifically, the division will strengthen information dissemination and organize training courses in order to raise awareness about corporate culture. Each party member and employee will have different approaches to cultural values.

The division will also promote propaganda through the website, social networking, the radio and screen system at its headquarter. In particular, the division will integrate the contents of corporate culture into activities of unions to ensure the effectiveness.

pvn promotes corporate culture

Regarding training courses to raise awareness about corporate culture, the participation of party members and employees is compulsory, with specific regulations and sanctions.

Solutions to build a clean and healthy working environment, strengthen solidarity, and enhance the role of leaders in setting a good example to employees are also mentioned in the project.

The Communications and Corporate Culture Division will also focus on amending and supplementing the PetroVietnam cultural value system and related regulations. Although the core values were amended and supplemented in the Petroleum Culture Handbook, it is necessary to update in accordance with the sector’s characteristics.

Cultural values are identified by tangible and intangible value. Tangible value is reflected through the brand identity system, working environment arrangement, cultural institutions and cultural products serving for the life of employees.

The general director of the group will arrange resources to implement PetroVietnam culture. These include strengthening guidance, inspection, supervision, commendation and reward for the implementation of PetroVietnam culture; training personnel responsible for the development and implementation of corporate culture; and coordinating with unions to promote collective strength in the process of restoring PetroVietnam culture. Restoring PetroVietnam culture will be a long-term, durable and challenging process, requiring a detailed plan for each particular stage and strict compliance of party members and employees.

pvn promotes corporate culture

Ngan Kim