PVCFC movements promote creativity at work

09:30 | 24/08/2017 Industry

(VEN) - Inheriting the traditions of the Ca Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer Project Management Board, the PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) has launched many movements to encourage its employees to bring into play their creativity.

pvcfc movements promote creativity at work
PVCFC General Director Bui Minh Tien (middle) hands over awards to Eureka 2016’s first prize winners

Through these activities, hundreds of technical improvement initiatives have been recognized, bringing the company more than VND425.6 billion in benefit.

The initiatives have also helped PVCFC improve the working environment, enhance the durability of machinery and equipment, ensure safety and reduce expenses. Most of the initiatives were proposed by young engineers. Thanks to technical improvement initiatives, the Ca Mau Nitrogenous Fertilizer Plant has been operated at its full capacity since September 2016.

The leadership of PVCFC is deeply aware of the importance of human resources, considering them as a decisive factor to any success. In March 2015, the company began to launch Eureka movements encouraging all members of its staff to bring into play their creativity at work.

Within three months since the first Eureka movement was launched, the organizing board recognized 591 ideas among 679 proposed ideas. Of these, 239 ideas had been chosen by the company’s Science and Technology Council to be applied in practice. Other ideas had undergone further research to be recognized as technical improvement initiatives or inventions that contribute significantly to the company’s successful operations.

More than 120 ideas in the field of business are hoped to help improve PVCFC’s business efficiency in coming years. Company general director Bui Minh Tien affirmed, “In the near future, the Eureka Organizing Board will conduct detailed assessments to select the best ideas to enter the final round of assessments. PVCFC highly appreciates any creative ideas proposed by its staff members, not only those proposed in the framework of Eureka movements.”

Over the past five years (2012-2017), PVCFC has put into practice 128 initiatives, 175 technical improvement ideas and nine production reorganization ideas proposed by its staff members, generating benefits totaling more than VND425.6 billion. For these achievements, seven individuals have received certificates of merit from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, and 11 others have received certificates of merit from the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. The company itself has presented hundreds of certificates of merit and bonuses totaling more than VND2 billion to many individuals and teams for their recognized creative ideas.

Xuan Son