PV GAS trade union responds to safety concerns, rewards workers

15:00 | 26/06/2021 Society

(VEN) - The trade union of the Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV Gas) has implemented many activities for the benefit of the group’s employees within the framework of the annual Workers’ Month and the Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). 

pv gas trade union responds to safety concerns rewards workers
Practicing fire prevention and fighting under the pandemic prevention and control conditions

Listening, understanding and sharing

In order to listen and understand the thoughts, aspirations, proposals and recommendations of the employees regarding its policies and production, business activities, the PV Gas trade union cooperates with local authorities to organize four periodical dialogue sessions with workers.

However, due to the complicated Covid-19 developments this year, the corporation’s trade union has shifted these sessions to online channels and internal websites. During Workers’ Month, the trade union visited and presented gifts worth VND3 million each to 46 employees suffering serious illnesses or injured in occupational accidents; organized online consultations via zalo and phone for 20 employees and disseminated a new labor agreement to its entire staff. The PV Gas trade union also rewarded 18 groups and 26 individuals for outstanding, positive initiatives in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic. Five individuals won the “Outstanding Oil and Gas Employee” title. The Vietnam National Union of Oil and Gas Workers also awarded a Certificate of Merit for another initiative launched at the PV Gas Ca Mau Company.

Responding to the Action Month on OSH 2021, the PV GAS trade union held an online contest to test the basic knowledge of the corporation’s safety staff, attracting participation of 381 staff from all 17 PV GAS member units. Fifteen teams and 17 individuals won contest awards. The trade union also coordinated with local authorities to inspect adherence to labor rules, OSH regulations, and food safety. It also disseminated information about corporate culture and organized the Green-Clean-Beautiful movement.

pv gas trade union responds to safety concerns rewards workers
PV Gas focuses attention on production to achieve the 2021 plan

Covid-19 support for employees

Being aware of the state’s tight measures against the pandemic, the PV Gas trade union has coordinated with local authorities to request departments/units and organizations to seriously implement the directions of the corporation.

PV Gas leaders have issued plans, prepared response scenarios, drastically and comprehensively implemented solutions to prevent the pandemic in the new context in order to protect employee health and maintain production and business activities, ensuring continuous gas supply and national energy security. Many support activities were implemented such as distributing face masks and antibacterial spray solutions to employees. In 2020, PV Gas paid a total of VND4.725 billion to prepare equipment for epidemic prevention and control; organized remote work and even isolated some gas works to ensure the safety of round-the-clock operations.

pv gas trade union responds to safety concerns rewards workers
PV Gas employees are encouraged to participate in online contests to improve their knowledge on labor safety

Regarding the latest outbreak of Covid-19, PV Gas has paid employees working in isolation VND300,000 a day. In addition, in response to the nationwide epidemic prevention and control campaign, PV Gas and its affiliated units have donated tens of billions of dong to the Covid-19 vaccine fund. The staff also contributed at least one day’s salary to the fund in response to the call of the Vietnam National Union of Oil and Gas Workers.

PV GAS promptly rewarded groups and individuals for outstanding achievements in pandemic prevention and control

and proactively coordinated with health agencies to implement Covid-19 vaccinations.

Ngan Vu