PV Gas takes care of its workers

10:05 | 13/05/2019 Companies

(VEN) - The leadership and the trade union of the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV Gas) have paid great attention to ensuring the interests of trade union members and workers.

pv gas takes care of its workers

Friendly working environment

PV Gas workers are provided with welfare, insurance and healthcare according to Vietnamese laws. The corporation deducts social, health and unemployment insurance premiums and trade union fees from worker salaries to pay in accordance with existing regulations. It pays pensions, death gratuity, maternity allowances and sickness benefits according to the Labor Code and the corporation's human resource policy. PV Gas also provides its employees with periodical medical examinations and healthcare consultancy to help them prevent occupational diseases, especially those working in a dangerous and toxic environment.

The leadership of PV Gas has taken various measures to maintain stable and suitable jobs for workers. Last year, none of its employees faced an interruption of work or lost their jobs. In the context of halted oil and gas projects, the leaderships of PV Gas and its two member units, PV Pipe and PV Coating, have tried their utmost to get the two companies through difficulties and improve their production and trade results compared with 2017. Major projects to be developed this year are expected to further increase incomes for workers at the two companies.

pv gas takes care of its workers

PV Gas employees have to work 40 hours per week or 176 hours per month. Shift-workers are arranged to take mid-shift rest breaks and receive overtime pay according to the corporation's regulations. The average income of its workers in 2018 was higher than in 2017.

PV Gas Trade Union has maintained tight coordination with the corporation's leadership and technical divisions to create the best working environment for its employees. PV Gas workers are provided with adequate safety clothing. Environmental health surveys of the workplace are carried out on a quarterly basis. The corporation continues maintaining effective operation of the environmental health and safety management system, while at the same time expanding a Safety Training Observation Program (STOP) and a 5S program at all production and business units with active participation of employees.

Ensuring democracy and welfare

pv gas takes care of its workers

Ensuring worker interests is one of PV Gas' successful efforts. Various welfare programs have contributed to improving the material and spiritual lives of its employees. Every year, PV Gas buys voluntary pension insurance and PVI Care insurance at a high level for its employees. The corporation also takes care of its employees through activities such as team-building and allows them to relax after hard work to recover health. Its canteen provides workers with safe food. PV Gas workers are also provided with travel allowances.

In 2018, PV Gas organized training courses costing more than VND38 billion for 10,110 workers. This year, training courses will focus on electricity, automation, pipe erosion prevention, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and engineer training.

PV Gas has disseminated its policies and regulations among employees to ensure effective implementation. PV Gas Trade Union has proposed to the corporation's leadership suitable pay policies and timely bonuses for workers to encourage their greater efforts to fulfill their assignments.

Every year, PV Gas has organized periodical dialogues between the corporation's leadership and representatives of the entire workforce to discuss and resolve problems relating to worker obligations and interests. Thanks to these efforts, PV Gas workers have raised no dispute, complaint or denunciation over the past many years.

Through role-model campaigns, PV Gas has commended and rewarded on a timely basis successful results achieved by its employees.

For its proud achievements, PV Gas Trade Union has been recognized as one of the strongest organizations of its kind in the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group.

Ngan Luong