PV GAS SE: A highlight in occupational safety and health

11:02 | 23/05/2018 Companies

(VEN) - Over the past few years, PetroVietnam Gas South East Transmission Company (PV GAS SE) has always been a highlight in occupational safety and health (OHS) and highly appreciated by central agencies, sectors and localities.

pv gas se a highlight in occupational safety and health

Implementing OHS in gas works of PV GAS SE

Effective safety management program

In a recent inspection by the Ba Ria – Vung Tau province’s inter-sectoral delegation on OHS, PV GAS SE was highly evaluated for its OHS works as well as raising the staff awareness on OHS.

This result was attributed to the constant focus on OHS of PV GAS SE, which is considered a top priority in production. Every year, the company organizes conferences to summarize and draw experience in the work of Safety - Health - Environment and develop tasks and plans for the following year. Along with production and business plans, the OSH plan is also developed at the beginning of the year so that it could be implemented in a systematic and serious way, sticking closely to production and business tasks of the company.

pv gas se a highlight in occupational safety and health

Leaders of PV GAS SE receiveBa Ria – Vung Tau province’s inspection delegation on OHS

At present, PV GAS SE continues to maintain and improve its safety, quality and environment management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14000 standards to better ensure the safety of the company’s staff and facilities.

Annually, the working environment, the landscape at the office , gas stations, and valve stations, ..are upgraded to ensure "Green - Clean – Beautiful and Safe" environment. Especially in 2017, PV GAS SE well implemented the 5S program which contributed to improve professionalism and efficiency in the work of employees.

The STOP program, a program based on the awareness of employees, has also been implemented effectively, contributing to preventing incidents on human and assets.

Ensure safety for laborers

PV GAS SE now has 209 laborers, of those 136 are direct production workers. The company always adopts State policies such as social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance to create peace of mind and long-term attachment of employees. 100 percent of employees have regular medical check-ups. The company also organizes 2nd periodical health check for employees working in hazardous fields. Employees can participate in training courses on OSH seriously and fully, attend workshops and exchanges with other units to raise awareness on OHS, share experiences as well as identifying risks.

pv gas se a highlight in occupational safety and health

At present, 16 out of 16 gas projects managed by PV GAS SE are certified by national and international registry offices and maintained annually. To ensure safety for laborers, all equipment that have strict labor safety requirements have been verified in accordance with regulations.

The company also provides appropriate technical, medical and labor protection equipment to ensure timely rescue and protection of employees when accidents occur.

Also, the working environment has always been improved. PV GAS SE constantly monitors criteria such as temperature, silicon-free circulating dust, noise, toxic gas, moisture, wind speed, light, heat radiation... on all stations and offices of the company, to ensure a friendly working environment for laborers.

Operating in the gas industry with high potential of unforeseen risks PV GAS SE has actively developed plans to deal with unexpected incidents, regularly monitor and update the steering committees for emergency rescue of corporations, state management agencies and local administrations where gas works are located. The company has also developed plans for emergency rescue ... for all gas works as regulation. Emergency procedures have been reviewed carefully to prepare for timely and effective responses in case of incidents.

With efforts in maintaining OSH, over the past years, PV GAS SE has successfully completed political tasks, and is highly appreciated by functional sectors and agencies. Along with building the safety culture of PV GAS, PV GAS SE has continuously improved working conditions and environment for laborers, targeting to prevent and ensure no damage on human, facilities, and environment in all of its activities.