PV Gas powers up to prevent Covid-19 spread

09:26 | 30/03/2020 Companies

(VEN) - The PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) is doing its best to contribute to the control of the Coronavirus epidemic in Vietnam.

pv gas powers up to prevent covid 19 spread

PV GAS General Director Duong Manh Son called on all corporation employees to display responsibility and seriously implement the Board of Directors’ instructions on Covid-19 prevention. All 3,000 PV GAS employees were asked to declare the state of their health for the second time on March 9. The corporation asked its contractors, customers, specialists and partners to provide true information about their contact with those infected by the Coronavirus whether directly or through family members exposed to infection cases.

Any employees or partners of PV GAS from infected areas who show signs of fever, cough and shortness of breath must wear a mask, quarantine themselves and immediately notify the nearest medical facility. They must also call the PV GAS emergency number - 028 36116116 to provide information and receive advice and treatment assistance. Their situation is immediately reported to their work places so they can coordinate with relevant authorities in preventing the epidemic from spreading.

pv gas powers up to prevent covid 19 spread

All member units of PV GAS have carried out urgent assessments of the situation and prepared plans for safe work areas in factories, ports, gas distribution centers/stations, and the corporation’s production and trading operations to ensure continued supply and services. Subsidiaries of the corporation have been asked to relay epidemic control plans, scenarios, implementation solutions, recommendations and proposals.

In this second phase of COVID-19 epidemic control, PV GAS General Director Duong Manh Son asked that member units minimize business trips to provinces and cities affected by the epidemic. Those who must go on business must strictly follow the Ministry of Heath’s preventive measures, including wearing a mask, washing hands, and avoiding crowds, among others. All planned PV GAS conferences and meetings have been cancelled and replaced by online exchanges. At face-to-face meetings, all participants must wear masks before, during and after the meeting. The meeting halls are disinfected immediately after the meeting ends.

PV GAS leaders have also asked member units to minimize the number of business delegations and trips to foreign countries and territories, and cancel or delay business trips to such risky countries as China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, France, and the US. Human resources departments of the corporation and its subsidiaries are working together with safety, health and environment agencies to implement risk control before proposing business delegation or employee travel abroad.

At the same time, heads of member units and project management units and other senior officials are also urged to achieve the corporation’s 2020 production and trading targets.

Kim Ngan