PV GAS Party Committee guides corporate culture renovation

08:00 | 16/09/2021 Companies

(VEN) - The Party Committee Executive Board of the Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has directed its member party committees, party cells and socio-political organizations to realize the “unity, discipline, creativity and efficiency” motto of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s (Petrovietnam) Party Committee Executive Board.

Realization of the motto is part of the Petrovietnam Party Committee Executive Board’s plan for celebrating the Vietnam oil and gas industry’s 60th anniversary (November 27, 2021), and implementing Petrovietnam’s culture renovation program. It is important to improve the efficiency of political task implementation of each cadre and party member and ensure the accomplishment of the group’s common goals, including party organization development.

pv gas party committee guides corporate culture renovation

PV GAS Party Committee implements programs for the community’s benefit

The PV GAS Party Committee considers the motto’s realization important for successful implementation of the Petrovietnam culture renovation project and PV GAS corporate culture program and core values – cooperation, professionalism, efficiency, safety and innovation. Regular, efficient operations of party committees and cells have been contributing to promoting a corporate culture of leadership, management and administration throughout the corporation system. They also help create a favorable environment for staff and party members to do a better job and contribute to the corporation’s development.

The PV GAS Party Committee has asked the corporation’s party committees, party cells and socio-political organizations to thoroughly follow Petrovietnam’s and PV GAS’s direction in the motto’s realization. All party committees, party cells, youth unions and units, and associations receive guidelines on conducting online party activities effectively.

pv gas party committee guides corporate culture renovation
PV GAS maintains production and trading while ensuring safe conditions to protect worker and community health

Petrovietnam, PV GAS and other units of Petrovietnam all are focusing on strengthening corporate culture especially in the current challenging context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The PV GAS Party Committee is determined to join Petrovietnam’s efforts in successfully implementing the dual goals – effectively preventing and fighting the pandemic while at the same time fulfilling political tasks (including party committee and party cell development), turning PV GAS into a strong, highly competitive enterprise in all stages of the gas and gas product value chains, playing a leading role in Vietnam’s gas industry and actively participating in foreign markets.

pv gas party committee guides corporate culture renovation
PV GAS officials, party members and employees unite in implementing programs to prevent the spread of Covid-19
Petrovietnam attaches great importance to its culture renovation project to help improve the efficiency, reputation and image of enterprises. The project is also a driving force for building and implementing Petrovietnam’s sustainable development strategy.

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