PV Gas honors two leading engineers

06:00 | 15/07/2020 Companies

The PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV Gas) held a recent ceremony to honor two leading engineers - Chu Thien An and Truong Quang Huy from PV Gas Ca Mau, a member unit of PV Gas.  

pv gas honors two leading engineers
Chu Thien An and Truong Quang Huy receive leading engineer titles

To achieve the title of leading engineer, engineers must meet a series of prerequisites in terms of professional qualifications, experience and language proficiency. Professional qualifications are assessed through their work capacity, qualifications and certificates. Engineers undergo a careful process of approval and appraisal from specialized divisions to the PV Gas Ca Mau and the PV Gas levels.

Initiatives at work

Chu Thien An and Truong Quang Huy graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education in 2010. Chu Thien An joined PV Gas Ca Mau shortly after graduating, while Truong Quang Huy joined him three years later.

An stands out for his initiatives on recalculating the maximum allowable free span length for the PM3-Ca Mau gas pipeline system according to DNV RP F105 standards, and synchronizing the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) survey and PIG launching results, contributing to saving more than VND35 billion and over VND22 billion, respectively.

In addition to initiatives increasing the life expectancy of machinery and equipment, Huy stands out for the design and installation of a web server control system for standby heaters in rainy weather, and a DCS Honeywell programming solution to collect monitoring data and automate the computational process to optimize technologies in the Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant (GPP Ca Mau).

pv gas honors two leading engineers
PV Gas Ca Mau leaders congratulate the two leading engineers of the company

Focus on staff development

Leading engineer is a valuable title, requiring professional knowledge, skills, methods, creative thinking and handling of technical problems. First of all, engineers need to improve their professional knowledge through in-depth training courses in order to pass certification tests. Next, they should effectively apply knowledge and skills to the practical work. Promoting initiatives at work is also mentioned as necessary. An and Huy have always made greater efforts in order to improve their work efficiency and bring practical benefits to the company.

Being recognized as PV Gas leading engineers is a great honor in An and Huy’s career.

As part of its development process, PV Gas has been focusing on developing careers and improving the expertise of its technical staff in intensive research and the application of scientific and technological progress in trade and production activities in order to optimize operations and yield greater economic efficiency.

Huy emphasized the necessity of changing mindsets, strengthening professional development and promoting initiatives in order to catch up with the fourth industrial revolution, contributing to the development of PV Gas Ca Mau in particular, and PV Gas and the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) in general.

With enthusiastic dedication and creative initiatives, Chu Thien An and Truong Quang Huy were honored as PV Gas’

leading engineers.

Ho Cam