PV GAS festive day overflowed with joy

11:23 | 11/10/2019 Society

(VEN) - On the occasion of the 29th anniversary of establishment (September 20, 1990 - September 20, 2019), the PetroVietnam Gas Corporation - PV GAS organized a PV GAS festive day to celebrate its new age in the beautiful mid-autumn, with many memorable days of the nation and the Petroleum industry.

pv gas festive day overflowed with joy

Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors opens the PV Gas festival

The “PV GAS Festive day” was held aimed at turning the Corporation's establishment anniversary into a chance for meeting and exchange to promote solidarity, cooperation and develop the business culture of PV GAS. This is also an opportunity to enhance the care of spiritual life and physical health for laborers, ensuring a normal and effective production progress.

The opening ceremony of the festival took place on September 19, 2019 in Vung Tau City. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nghi, Deputy General Director, Chairman of PV Gas’ Veterans Association gave an opening speech: “The PV Gas Festival affirmed that practical cultural, sports and social charity activities are always associated with its production and business tasks, showing the spirit of petroleum and gas workers: strong to build and protect the country. We believe that the PV GAS festival will set new records for the young - healthy - dynamic - determined workforce of the corporation”.

Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of Trade Union and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nghi presented flowers and congratulated participating teams. The teams then entered the exciting collective competitions such as running, jumping with ropes and bags, flower arranging and fashion show “PV GAS Beauty”.

PV GAS festival is overflowed with laughters and join effort. The competitions showed serious preparations, talents and continuous training of each unit, making the competition always tense, the results were not very unequal and winners were only identified at final moments of the contests.

pv gas festive day overflowed with joy

Honoring outstanding laborers

Three teams from the Vung Tau Gas Processing Company, the Executive Office of the Corporation, and the Vietnam CNG Joint Stock Company competed prominently with fairly equal achievements and continuous efforts in all contests. However, other units also showed their great efforts worth to be recognized such as: the Low Pressure Gas Trading Joint Stock Company, the Southeast Gas Transport Company, the Nam Con Son Pipeline Company, the PV Coating, the Southern Gas Trading Joint Stock Company, the Ca Mau Gas Management Board, and the Gas Service Company.

pv gas festive day overflowed with joy

The KVT team wins the first prize for setting the party table

PV GAS Festival ended with a meeting to congratulate its 29th birthday, award presentation and music performances. With the presence of the Board of Directors, and leaders from organizations and member units, PV GAS gave awards to 16 outstanding employees of the corporation.

In a speech to congratulate the 29th birthday of PV Gas, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors said “Throughout the construction and development process, many generations of PV GAS have given themselves up to hard works to create unprecedented gas power solutions in Vietnam, confidently mastering the entire chain of gas construction, management and operation. The key to the success of PV GAS was enthusiasm, dedication and creativity of the leader team and the entire workforce. Therefore, PV GAS always considers employees as the most valuable asset and creates the best conditions for them to promote their capabilities, autonomy and independence at work.

pv gas festive day overflowed with joy

Awarding the PV Gas beauty prize

In addition, the success of PV GAS was attributed to the guidance and support of the Government, ministries, and the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group; along with the cooperation of customers and partners. On the occasion of the establishment of PV Gas, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Government, ministries and PetroVietnam; partners, customers and all employees in the corporation.

In order to achieve a stable development of PV GAS in the coming time deserving the expectations and beliefs of previous generations, I urge everyone in the PV Gas family to uphold the tradition of the Hero unit, show solidarity and unity in work with the theme "Courage - Solidarity - Innovation - Action ”, synchronously implementing solutions suitable to the conditions of each company to fulfill assigned tasks, contributing to the successful implementation of the common goal assigned by the PetroVietnam, and PV Gas set in 2019 and the next period”.

The Board of Directors of PV GAS also welcomed the contributions of all units that brought the great success of the PV GAS festival, which once again proved the determination and unanimity are the strength and precious tradition of the PetroVietnam Gas Corporation.