PV GAS D raises awareness of occupational safety and health

15:00 | 10/06/2021 Society

(VEN) - To spread information about the prevention of occupational accidents and disease, the PetroVietnam Low Pressure Gas Distribution Joint Stock Company (PV GAS D) is implementing an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Plan.

Safety drills are held regularly at PV GAS D

Practical activities

Accordingly, PV GAS D has organized activities relevant to its working and production conditions and ensured the propagation and implementation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control under the directions of the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation for the health and safety of employees and the community. An OSH Action Month organized by the company included posters, panels, banners, drills on handling technical incidents and emergency response in places with high risks of occupational accidents and diseases such as industrial parks and construction sites that use a lot of equipment and labor.

The promotion of OSH training is an important step in raising awareness and compliance with the Law on OSH for employers and employees. PV GAS D periodically organizes OSH training for staff and managers. The training helps raise awareness of the importance of OSH for workers, their families and society.

PV GAS D also organizes health checks for all employees once a year, and twice a year for female employees and those working in dangerous/toxic environments. PV GAS D conducts environmental monitoring to improve working conditions in accordance with provisions of the Law on OSH.

PV GAS D organizes health examinations for all employees once a year

Pioneering the application of 5S program

PV GAS D is one of the pioneers of PV Gas in successful application of the 5S program certified by the Vietnam Productivity Institute. PV GAS D has developed a plan for internal evaluation of good practice 5S/Kaizen in combination with internal assessment of the management system. PV GAS D also periodically organizes a contest on firefighting and prevention, improving the knowledge and awareness of all employees and the company's safety, health, and quality environment management system.

PV GAS D has organized activities to implement OSH standards and ensure a safe, hygienic, green, clean working environment, replacing materials and equipment periodically according to maintenance procedures. The company has also strengthened safety measures for high-rise buildings, offices, warehouses and documents by strictly controlling people, materials and equipment entering and leaving facilities and strictly checking heat sources, flammable materials, explosives, power sources and electrical devices, especially in high-rise buildings.

Drills of PV GAS D's preparation and response in emergency situations are held regularly with customers or coordinated with police forces and local authorities and reported to the company.

Patrols to protect the gas works are also deployed in coordination with the police and local authorities, and carried out more frequently during holidays.

PV GAS D will organize specific activities and programs to ensure health safety for participants according to

new Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control measures.

Vu Thanh