PV Gas celebrates 27 years of development

09:04 | 19/10/2017 Industry

(VEN) - This September, the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV Gas) celebrated its 27th anniversary. The ceremony took place in a warm atmosphere and an economical manner, with attendants including members of the corporation’s leadership: Le Nhu Linh, Party Committee Secretary and Management Board Chairman; Duong Manh Son, General Director; members of the management board, the board of directors, the trade union, the veterans association, the youth union, leaders of member units and subsidiaries, and hundreds of people representing 3,000 PV Gas workers.

pv gas celebrates 27 years of development

In his speech, General Director Duong Manh Son affirmed, “Over the past 27 years, PV Gas has made nonstop efforts to overcome numerous difficulties and challenges, and successfully fulfilled all the tasks assigned by the Party, the State and the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. PV Gas has become one of the leading businesses of the Vietnamese oil and gas sector in terms of revenue, profit and tax payment. Significant contributions to these successful results came from the corporation’s leaders, managers, as well as its entire staff, from one generation to another. They have worked hard with a high spirit of responsibility, solidarity, enthusiasm and creativity to contribute to the corporation’s development. On the occasion of PV Gas’ 27th anniversary, the corporation’s leadership highly appreciated its workers’ contributions.

pv gas celebrates 27 years of development

PV Gas has seen opportunities to promote its further development, but the corporation is also aware that it has to cope with new difficulties and challenges. The corporation’s leadership therefore has appealed to all its staff members to continue bringing into play the traditions of PV Gas as a hero unit, and make further efforts to successfully implement the production and business plans for 2017 and ensuing years.

In the current period, practicing thrift and preventing waste to enhance work efficiency has become more important than ever before. Aware of this, PV Gas has developed an action plan aiming to create significant breakthroughs in practicing thrift and preventing waste, which is believed to contribute to enhancing the corporation’s competitiveness, helping it overcome difficulties, fulfill annual tasks and promote sustainable development.

pv gas celebrates 27 years of development

In 2017, PV Gas has achieved encouraging results despite implementing its tasks under lots of unfavorable conditions. Specifically, the corporation has maintained safe and uninterrupted operation of the gas pipeline system, contributing to ensuring national energy security. PV Gas has achieved all the targets set for the first nine months and even exceeded some. As a parent company, PV Gas has actively practiced thrift to reduce its expenses in the first three quarters of 2017 by more than VND100 billion.

From now until year’s end, PV Gas will take the initiative in coordinating with its member units to ensure maximum supply of gas and gas products for customers in the most effective manner. The corporation will strive to exceed targets set for the last quarter and the whole year. Security will be tightened to ensure safety for the entire gas pipeline system. The retail sale of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will be promoted in accordance with a strategy that has been approved. Thrift will be promoted to reduce expenses. At the same time, PV Gas will continue implementing its restructuring plan for the 2016-2020 period that has been accepted by the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group.

As a parent company, PV Gas continues promoting thrift to reduce expenses in 2017 by VND140 billion (VND11.3 billion in management; VND98.2 billion in operation, maintenance, repair, production and trade; and VND30.3 billion in construction investment). The detailed plan for cutting expenses in 2017 has been disseminated among all departments and member units of PV Gas. Creativity and technical innovation continue to be promoted along with intensifying the application of technology to increase labor productivity and reduce production and investment costs. Advanced business administration methods will be applied to improve production and business efficiency.

Role-model movements launched by the Trade Union and Youth Union of PV Gas have attracted active participation of its staff members and workers. At the ceremony celebrating its 27th anniversary, PV Gas honored 23 typical workers for their excellent performance at work and significant contributions to the corporation’s development.

At the ceremony, workers from PV Gas’ member units presented special art performances to congratulate the corporation on its 27th anniversary, wishing it further success.

Xuan Son