PV Gas Ca Mau highlights corporate culture

09:00 | 26/09/2020 Companies

(VEN) - After more than nine years of focusing on human resource development and building corporate culture, PV Gas Ca Mau - a member unit of the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV Gas), has completed the assigned tasks. Corporate culture has contributed to creating a professional working environment, high responsibility and solidarity throughout the company.

pv gas ca mau highlights corporate culture

With four core values: Professionalism-Responsibility-Creativity-Connection, corporate culture is always a guideline in all activities of PV Gas Ca Mau. Professionalism is shown through clear assignment of functions and tasks and rhythmic coordination between divisions and individuals; high discipline; and compliance with orders to complete the assigned tasks. PV Gas Ca Mau staff members have fully met standards on professional knowledge, while emulation and commendation always ensure fairness, transparency, objectiveness and democracy. Managers are good examples and ready to support employees’ efforts to overcome difficulties. In addition, employees have a high sense of solidarity and consensus and are willing to support each other, helping the company complete and exceed the set targets. Gas works operate safely and continuously without incidents.

Responsibility is nurtured everyday by PV Gas Ca Mau employees according to the motto that each individual must be responsible for his/her work. They have always been active at work, put the collective interests on top, enhance knowledge and make use of practical experience at work to improve the progress, as well as strengthen physical health to be able to contribute more to the collective.

PV Gas Ca Mau employees have a very high sense of responsibility for their colleagues, ready to help them as much as possible complete the common work. In the past five years, PV Gas Ca Mau has conducted 336 internal training courses with 3,379 participants and 146 external training courses with 4,165 participants.

pv gas ca mau highlights corporate culture

PV Gas Ca Mau leaders and employees also have a sense of responsibility for the community. The company has participated in charity and social security activities to support people in difficult circumstances in Ca Mau Province. In the 2015-2019 period, the company spent more than VND6.6 billion on social security activities, focusing on building houses and presenting gifts to poor students and disabled children.

PV Gas Ca Mau has paid great attention to creativity. In the 2015-2019 period, the company had a total of 36 initiatives, including solutions to optimize the operations of the Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant (GPP Ca Mau) and those to supply permeate gas from the GPP Ca Mau to the Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant.

PV Gas Ca Mau has also attached importance to connection. Managers play an intermediary role in connecting leaders and employees and are delicate in handling internal relationships. Employees are always sociable, open and ready to support each other in work and life. Movements, exchanges, teambuilding and training activities are maintained to improve connectivity within the company. Relationships between PV Gas Ca Mau and local authorities, as well as between the company and partners are also strengthened.

PV Gas Ca Mau employees have been improving themselves to be ready to complete all tasks, contributing to sustainable development of PV Gas.

Vu Thanh