PV Gas Ca Mau ensures stable output

14:04 | 25/04/2014 Companies

(VEN) - The PV Gas Ca Mau Company is a member of the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation. The company is one of the most important factors contributing to ensuring stable operations, energy security and national food security.

In 2013, gas moderation remained complex in the dry season (the Vietnam Electricity always operated all four machine units of the two power plants in Ca Mau Province at a high capacity). In addition, a number of incidents arising from the upstream side of Talisman caused negative impacts on the company’s operations.

However, the company still well cooperated with partners such as Talisman and Petronas in the Ca Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer Complex, ensuring the reliability of the system.

In addition to professional activities in the operational process, to ensure the safety of pipelines and gas projects as well as protect the environment, the company has continued to maintain the safety-quality-environment management system based on OHSAS18001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standards.

In terms of human resources, to balance human resources between departments in the company and create favorable conditions for training in order to meet working requirements and cope with staff fluctuation, especially in the context of preparing for the installation of compressor stations, the company has continued rotating staff between departments. The view of the PV Gas Ca Mau Company on human resources is justice and fair competition. Qualified and capable staff who are dedicated to work must be trained and enjoyed good remuneration.

To date, the company has paid special attention to building the working environment with four core values of professionalism, responsibility, creativeness and connection.

The company has also paid attention to the management system. The company has organized training and propaganda to help staff understand more about safety, contributing to complying with the company’s rules.

The company has timely updated new decisions of the state and the corporation on regulations, policies and salary for staff, contributing to ensuring enough working hours for staff.

The company has also paid special attention to improving the working environment, contributing to creating a comfort, ensuring health and enhancing working performance for staff such as building offices with canteen and providing equipment serving life.

The PV Gas Ca Mau Company’s key tasks in 2014 is to ensure security, safety and efficiency for the PM3-Ca Mau gas pipeline system, closely cooperate with partners to collect and consume gas and complete the plan on maintenance and repair for machinery and equipment.

The PV Gas Ca Mau Company will strive to realize the 2014 plan that was approved by the corporation, contributing to ensuring sustainable development in 2014 and coming years./.

By Phuong Bich


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