Protecting brands of Vietnamese goods

17:06 | 19/04/2016 Trade

(VEN) - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa said that in addition to effectively promoting the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign, the Ministry of Industry and Trade would cooperate with many other ministries and departments to protect the brands of made-in-Vietnam goods in an interview with Vietnam Economic News’ Phuong Lan.

Protecting brands of Vietnamese goods

Vietnamese goods have won consumer trust

What activities has the Ministry of Industry and Trade been involved in?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has deployed the domestic market development project associated with the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign with a focus on improving links in supply and demand, contributing to promoting Vietnamese goods at home and abroad. Domestic distribution systems have committed to increase the presence of Vietnamese goods to 70 percent, while foreign distributors have agreed on bringing Vietnamese goods into their channels. Since the organization of the first Vietnamese Goods Week in France in 2011, export turnover of Vietnamese goods via foreign channels has increased to US$700 million.

The ministry has also cooperated with the media to increase consumer awareness and spur businesses to produce high-quality goods.

To help people in remote areas and mountainous provinces become more aware about Vietnamese goods, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has directed localities to develop points of sales. In addition, the list of made-in-Vietnam goods has also been announced, helping domestic manufacturers easily access to input materials in order to reduce the need for expensive imports.

What solutions has the ministry devised to promote the campaign?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has directed 63 Vietnamese trade offices abroad to help Vietnamese goods enter markets abroad. In addition to trade promotion activities, the ministry will also cooperate with localities to develop new points of sales in order to provide high-quality goods with clear origin for domestic consumers.

In a context where Vietnam is promoting integration into the world economy, domestic businesses need to further improve competitiveness to meet consumer demand. In particular, they should strengthen the application of scientific and technological achievements into production, improve product quality and reduce prices in order to compete with foreign goods.

Counterfeit goods have had a negative impact on consumer trust. What’s your opinion on the issue?

To limit counterfeit and low-quality goods, an ordinance for improved market management was approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee. This will be an effective tool to strengthen overseeing of goods, contributing to ensuring the circulation of authentic goods with clear origin on the market. Market management will also be improved in the coming time to protect goods manufactured by domestic businesses.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue organizing the Vietnamese Goods Identity Week to provide information for consumers. Stepping into the new period, a close cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection, the Vietnam Standard and Consumers Association and the Ministry of Science and Technology is needed.

The Central Steering Committee for the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign will work together with eight ministries and 16 localities to deploy the campaign in 2016 and the coming years. In addition, the steering committee will also cooperate with the Vietnam Television and the Voice of Vietnam to promote propaganda. Business awards for initiatives honoring Vietnamese high-quality products are also mentioned as being necessary.


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