Promotion of trade in rural industrial products, a priority

14:00 | 27/12/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Trade promotion for notable rural industrial products has become a priority to expand market for these products.

Open sesame

The Ministry of Industry and Trade adopted a plan in 2020 to develop notable rural industrial products. A major part of the program is connection of these products with wholesale and retail systems nationwide. The plan facilitates introduction of notable rural industrial products through the national trade promotion program, trade fairs and exhibitions inside and outside Vietnam, and helps rural industrial establishments develop e-commerce and apply digitalization.

promotion of trade in rural industrial products a priority
Numerous rural industrial products have found market thanks to trade promotion

Despite the short time since its adoption, the plan is proving efficient. Huynh Duc Khien from the Ba Lieu Me enterprise that produces sesame cakes in Da Nang said Japanese, Thai and Chinese partners are interested in these products thanks to the assistance from trade promotion and supply-demand connection programs. The enterprise is negotiating to export its products, he said.

Under the plan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade directed local departments of industry and trade, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE), Domestic Markets Department, Science and Technology Department, and Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency to join trade promotion for outstanding rural industrial products.

Specifically, VIETRADE assists enterprises and cooperatives with outstanding rural industrial products to participate in the annual national program for trade promotion, while the Domestic Markets Department promotes notable rural industrial products through the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program and connects them to wholesale and retail systems across the country.

Branding and digitalization

Meanwhile, the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency coordinates with relevant units to help establishments with notable rural industrial products apply digital solutions and develop branding and expand the domestic market through e-commerce channels.

The VIETRADE has urgently developed specific programs and solutions to enable rural industrial enterprises and cooperatives to introduce their products through trade promotion activities, develop branding and product design at home and abroad, exchange information with leading domestic and foreign designers, add value to product and prepare appropriate future development strategies.

Thanks to practical trade promotion, numerous rural industrial products have found new markets and been improved in terms of competitiveness and reputation. In the city of Da Nang, for example, thanks to efficient trade promotion, most of the city’s notable rural industrial products have reached foreign markets and domestic markets outside the city, and have attracted buyers.

Trade promotion is opening up new opportunities for rural industrial producers to find and expand market for their products.

Chu Huynh