Promoting efficient and sustainable energy transition in Vietnam

13:30 | 21/09/2019 Industry

Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2019 was launched on September 17, in Hanoi, as an activity to respond to contribute to the implementation of Government policies on renewable energy development in Vietnam.

At the event

The event, running until September 20, was jointly organised by the Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA), Vietnam Climate Action Alliance (VCCA) and the Working Group on Climate Change (CCWG).

This year's event aims to be a forum for information exchange and multi-stakeholder dialogue in order to propose solutions for the process of energy transition and bring the greatest benefits for sustainable development in Vietnam.

Vietnam has made strong strides in developing renewable energy, especially newly-installed solar power capacity. It has become one of the most dynamic and attractive renewable energy markets in Southeast Asia.

However, this "rapid development" process is also posing new challenges for the synchronous development of the grid system, using land, electricity pricing mechanism, human resources, employment and financial resources.

In this context, Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2019 (taking place from September 17-20 in Hanoi and An Giang) will focus on the energy transition in Vietnam - Opportunities, Challenges and lessons from international users.

This is an opportunity to bring the voice of stakeholders to contribute to the process of promoting efficient and sustainable energy transition in Vietnam, in particular, contributing ideas and solutions for energy development orientations in the coming time, such as the electricity plan or the policies to develop renewable energy and protect the environment.

As part of a series of events in Hanoi, a seminar with the theme "Energy transition in Vietnam" took place on September 17 to update the current status of Vietnam's electricity system development and the trend of shifting trend to renewable energy sources in Vietnam.

In addition, delegates and experts discussed to remove obstacles and replicate successful lessons to promote the shift of renewable energy in a sustainable way in the future.

Theo NDO