Program helps foreign diplomats to increase their understanding of Vietnam

08:38 | 26/01/2018 Cooperation

The ‘Learning about Vietnam’ session was held in Hanoi, on January 25, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the aim of helping foreign diplomats to gain a deeper understanding about the Asian country.

Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau addressing the session - Photo:

The event, the third of its kind, gathered the participation of 90 delegates who belong to foreign diplomatic corps, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, foreign cultural centres and businesses in Vietnam.

The participants were introduced to Vietnam’s culture, history, economic achievements and its development and foreign policies for 2018.

They were then invited on a tour to explore the archaeological discoveries under Vietnam’s National Assembly House.

According to Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Special Envoy of the Prime Minister on UNESCO Affairs, the session was organised a few weeks ahead of the Tet (lunar New Year) festival in order to introduce the foreign participants to Tet, a traditional celebration and an important festival to Vietnamese people both at home and abroad.

The event also aimed to boost the cooperation, friendship and development between Vietnam and foreign countries, added Ambassador Chau, who is also General Secretary of the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO.

Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Hanoi Natalia Valerievna Shafinskaya highly appreciated the event, which has helped the diplomats to keep up to date on Vietnam’s situation and strengthened the attachment between the diplomats and the host country.

Theo NDO