Program 135 extended to 2020

09:51 | 30/05/2016 Society

(VEN) - The government’s Program 135 which is intended to address sustainable poverty reduction will continue until 2020.

Program 135 extended to 2020

Program 135 helps improve the lives of ethnic groups

A pressing need to continue the program

The program which has been implemented over three phases since 1999 has vastly improved the lives of ethnic groups. However, as much as 50 percent of ethnic people remain poor and almost all still face difficulties accessing clean water and power, especially those who live in remote areas.

The program will be adjusted to focus particularly on remote areas with economic difficulties. Although the government did not officially approve the program for the 2016-2020 period, the state budget decided to fund related localities up to 90 percent of the needed amount for 2016 in December 2015.

A circular guiding the use of the funding is currently being prepared by related ministries and agencies to facilitate localities in the use of the funding after the approval of the program.

Opportunities to escape poverty for poor people

A draft for the implementation of the Program 135 until 2020 has been prepared with some new features including package support model, contracted specific investment mechanism, decentralized management model, community-based maintenance model and investment partnership improvement, with a view to further promoting the efficiency of the implementation of the program, said Vo Van Bay, Chief of the Program 135 Coordination Office under the State Committee for Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Area Affairs.

The contracted specific investment mechanism will be applied to less than VND5 billion investment projects which require simple techniques and are implemented by local communities.

To Ngoc Anh, Senior Adviser of the Irish Embassy, agreed with the new features in the draft, saying that the new mechanisms and models would probably significantly increase the efficiency of the implementation of the program.

According to Deputy Head of the Dien Bien Committee for Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Area Affairs Hoang Quy, funding from Program 135 is part of the available investment sources for socioeconomic development for communes with particularly economic difficulties. So in addition to funding from Program 135, communes should further benefit from investment incentives.

Program 135 until 2020 includes three projects for commune and village level infrastructure construction, production development and income improvement support and capacity building for commune officials and community social workers.



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