Quang Nam Province: 

Practical support for industry promotion

09:00 | 25/05/2021 Industry

(VEN) - An association of rural industrial facilities of Quang Nam Province is expected to act as a bridge to provide information and bring industry promotion policies closer to rural industrial facilities.

According to the Quang Nam Center for Industry and Trade Promotion and Border Checkpoint Management, the development of the province’s rural industry remains modest and lacks key industries and products. The local production establishments are limited in quantity and capacity, resulting in poor product quality. Rural industrial production establishments are also not closely linked with each other as well as with other economic sectors to form a closed production and consumption chain.

practical support for industry promotion
Quang Nam Province conducts various industry promotion activities to support production of traditional products

The central province has organized many activities in recent years to support local rural industrial establishments to improve both production and consumption capacity, including building technical demonstration models, transferring advanced technology to production, providing consultancies to set up business projects, search for production premises, recruit and train workers, mobilize capital, and apply for investment incentives.

The provincial industry promotion center also organizes training in basic management and administration skills and provides basic knowledge of business in the market economy. It provides support for marketing, organizes exhibitions and trade fairs to connect supply and demand, exchange experiences and facilitate the establishment of associations for different industries.

Establishing association of rural enterprises

In order to support rural industrial establishments, Quang Nam will help set up an association of rural industrial facilities in the province, which will perform two functions: linking member units, exchanging experience in production and business management, sharing business opportunities; reflecting the aspirations and recommendations of member rural industrial establishments to state management agencies, and communicate feedback from state management agencies to the members.

According to a representative of the Quang Nam Center for Industry and Trade Promotion and Border Checkpoint Management, the association will represent local industrial and handicraft production establishments and also act as a bridge to communicate industry promotion policies to the establishments to facilitate their activities.

However, in order to boost rural industrial development in the province, Quang Nam industry promotion needs additional resources. Accordingly, it proposes that the Ministry of Industry and Trade increase the national industry promotion funding to support the province and simplify administrative procedures to facilitate implementing programs and projects.

Hai Linh