Power usage in northern Vietnam hits record as sweltering heat wave continues

08:55 | 05/07/2018 Industry

A protracted heat wave that has been sweeping northern Vietnam since the start of the month sent power consumption in the region to a new height on July 2, the national power utility EVN has reported.

Line workers are repairing an electrical grid

The combined loads peaked at an all-time high of 16,665 megawatts, while the total consumption also hit a record 345 million kWh, up roughly 12 pct compared with the highest levels of 2017 and beating the previous records set on June 22.

In the capital of Hanoi, the total loads also hit a record high of 3,987 megawatts and total usage reached 79.3 million kWh.

Most of the electricity was supplied for air-conditioners and other cooling equipment, leading to overloads and power cuts in several locations.

According to the national weather service, temperatures as high as 40 degree Celcius and above will continue for another two to three days.

Therefore, EVN has advised its customers to use electricity economically and avoid using high-power electrical appliances, such as air-conditioners, electric cookers and water kettles, simultaneously.

The utility added that air-conditioners should not be set lower than 26 degree Celcius in order to save energy, reduce the risk of overloads and prevent a surge in electricity bills.

Theo NDO