Power sector says no to un-safety

10:11 | 25/10/2013 Economy- Society

(VEN) - To prevent and minimize labor accidents, the power industry has been striving to promote accident and labor safety awareness programs.

In response, Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) has set up a team of more than 6,000 hygiene safety members and launched their Say no to danger and Day/week /month without labor accidents. The group’s trade union also organized an occupational health and safety (OHS) training program for thousands of workers and a labor protection training program for 5,435 hygiene safety members and 265 trade union staff.

In addition, EVN’s trade union staff also completed management and working principles of the hygiene safety members, maintained and developed movements on technical innovations, scientific technological applications and improvement of the workplace conditions, contributing to reduce significantly the number of labor accidents in the power sector.

According to experts, in the production process, ensuring labor safety is an important point that both managers and labors have to comply with seriousness. Labor accidents make no exceptions as they can affect the well-educated or experienced. Even when they already know the process of power operation like the back of their hands but only in a second of distraction, they could make wrong judgments and operations and then accidents could still happen.

Therefore, laborers have to be conscious every minute while on duty, must remain cautious and obviously not work when tired or drunk.

In order to ensure labor safety for workers and manufacturers, the general director and trade union chairman of the Electricity of Vietnam's Northern Power Corporation (EVN NPC) also issued a joint directive on the implementation of safety measures. The directive stated that each worker must treasure his life when being at work. They must not be subjective and careless and must ask questions when uncertain about anything. The member companies need to provide more safety facilities for laborers. In case of violations, the companies must suspend and force laborers to learn about safety procedures again before they could continue their work. If they fail the tests, they should be assigned other tasks.

Strong measures by power companies and improved awareness among the workforce are expected to limit labor accidents and other occupational diseases of the sector in the coming time./.

By Phuong Tam

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