Pottery village looks to crack labor shortage

17:31 | 18/06/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Gia Thuy Pottery Village in Ninh Binh Province’s Nho Quan District is facing a labor shortage as the local industrial park lures workers.

Pottery village looks to crack labor shortage

Gia Thuy Pottery Cooperative

According to Gia Thuy Pottery Cooperative Head Trinh Van Hoa, the cooperative which was set up in 1960 in My Ha Village and was moved to a 3ha production site in 2011 has gradually stabilized production with two kilns and 48 regular workers. Its monthly sales have reached VND600 million. Thanks to increased orders in the first quarter, it recorded VND4 billion in sales, accounting for 50 percent of the annual plan.

In addition to the cooperative, there are also three pottery facilities in the village. All the four need at least 200 skilled workers but are unable to recruit enough.

One of the major causes for this labor shortage is that worker incomes are too low to keep them engaged with pottery production and entice them not to work for businesses in industrial parks. “Without income improvements, pottery facilities are struggling to attract workers,” Trinh Van Hoa said.
Recognizing labor shortage in Gia Thuy, the Ninh Binh Department of Industry and Trade has financially assisted local pottery facilities in vocational training. “The department should facilitate local pottery facilities through focusing on vocational training and production expansion as the cooperative would run out of material within the next five years while the workshop has become too narrow. We had to cancel a contract to produce 0.8-54 liter glazed terracotta jars for a Japanese partner in 2000 due to material shortages,” Trinh Van Hoa said.

On his working trip to Gia Thuy, Director of the Agency for Regional Industry Development Ngo Quang Trung said that Gia Thuy’s pottery products are highly demanded on the market and its production expansion is necessary. He also suggested that local authorities should rapidly remove material and human resource difficulties for local pottery facilities. “Local authorities should organize 10-20 worker training courses and should ask for assistance from the agency and the Ninh Binh Department of Industry and Trade in case of greater training courses,” he said.  


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