Politburo member Huynh urges Hai Phong to develop into modern port city

15:50 | 07/03/2017 Society

Hai Phong should promote dynamism and the spirit of daring to think and daring to act to build and develop the northern port city into a civilised, modern and green urban seaport.

politburo member huynh urges hai phong to develop into modern port city
Politburo member Dinh The Huynh joins Hai Phong leaders to visit the hi-tech agricultural complex in Tan Lien Commune, Vinh Bao District - (Credit: baohaiphong.com.vn)

That call was made by Politburo member and standing member of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat Dinh The Huynh during his working session with Hai Phong leaders on March 6.

Reports from Hai Phong authorities at the meeting showed that last year Hai Phong led the country in attracting foreign direct investment, reaching US$3 billion. Its domestic budget revenue reached VND17 trillion (US$748 million). Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) increased by 11%, or 1.8 times higher than the national average. GDP per capita reached US$3,800, 1.7 times higher than the national average. The industrial production index increased by 17.2%, doubling the national average.

In the coming time, Hai Phong determined to implement ten key tasks, focusing on stronger and more comprehensive reforms of its public agencies in leadership, direction and administration to serve the people and the business community.

It will also focus on improving the business environment, implementing solutions to prevent losses, tax fraud and tax arrears, while strengthening urban management, formulating intelligent urban construction projects, and implementing smart urban traffic plans to turn Hai Phong into a modern, green and civilised urban model.

politburo member huynh urges hai phong to develop into modern port city
Politburo member Dinh The Huynh visits the LG Display factory in Trang Due Industrial Park, An Duong District - (Credit: baohaiphong.com.vn)

Hai Phong authorities also proposed that the Politburo and the Secretariat give opinions to the National Assembly and the Government on studying and promulgating specific mechanisms for Hai Phong as the first graded urban centre as applied to the cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, along with speeding up the construction of the Hai Phong–Hanoi–Lao Cai high-speed railway on the basis of developing “two corridors, one economic belt” between Vietnam and China.

Praising the socio-economic achievements that Hai Phong’s Party Commitee, Government and people, Politburo member Huynh also pointed out local limitations, such as untapped potential to facilitate the city's economy and the development scale is still limited compared to several similar locales with comparative advantages.

He requested that the city implement strategic breakthroughs, with priority given to the development of transport infrastructure, ensuring its urban development needs.

Hai Phong also needs to mobilise various investment resources for development in many forms, he said, adding that in the immediate future, the city should accelerate the completion of the ongoing projects and soon realise the North Cam River urban area.

Hai Phong should do well to fulfil its role as a development pole in the regional coordination to help other localities in the region develop together, Politburo member Huynh affirmed.

On the occasion, the Politburo member and his working mission also visited the LG Display factory and the VinEco Hai Phong hi-tech agricultural project, in which he praised the results achieved by the two units, especially in the application of high technologies in production and business operation.

Theo NDO