PM Phuc receives Irish Ambassador

09:52 | 19/12/2016 Events

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has hailed the role of Irish Ambassador Cait Moran, who is in the first year of her mission in Vietnam.

pm phuc receives irish ambassador
Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Irish Ambassador to Vietnam Cáit Moran

At a reception in Hanoi on December 16, the government leader said he hoped Ireland will continue to boost trade and investment ties with Vietnam and help Vietnam in its education and training.

He also urged Ireland to push for the EU’s prompt signing of the free trade agreement with Vietnam.

Ambassador Moran told her host that Ireland will accelerate the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EUVFTA) which she said will increase efficiency for the current level of cooperation in agriculture and food safety management between the two countries.

Ireland is expanding the provision of scholarships and improving visa granting procedures, the Irish diplomat said, adding that she hopes more Vietnamese students will receive scholarships to study in Ireland and more Vietnamese tourists will travel to the European country in the time to come.

Theo VOV