PM holds dialogue with farmers, discusses obstacle removal

15:06 | 16/04/2018 Society

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc held a direct discussion with farmers aimed at solving difficulties and bottlenecks to assure farmers to invest in agricultural production and business operation to increase their incomes.

PM presents gifts to 30 outstanding farmers participating in the dialogue - Photo: VGP

The government leader hosted a dialogue with local farmers in the northern Red River Delta province of Hai Duong on April 9. The programme was co-organized by the Vietnam Farmers’ Association, the Government Office and Hai Duong provincial People's Committee, under the theme of "Removing obstacles; Stirring Dynamics; Promoting Impetus of Doi Moi."

Senior leaders and cabinet members joined the dialogue, along with the participation of over 600 entrepreneurs, scientists and farmers from all over the country.

At the event, the delegates commented directly to the Government and PM on the major difficulties and obstacles facing the rural area and agricultural sector, including markets for agricultural products and capital for agriculture; agricultural insurance, rural labor and support for fishermen; rural planning, agricultural technology and agricultural land; and building modern rural areas and rural culture.

Speaking at the dialogue, PM Phuc affirmed that 30 years of the Doi Moi (renovation) has turned the country’s fragmented agricultural sector towards a high quality one, while boosting exports of large quantities of agricultural products, seafood, and fruit that are competitive with the advanced agricultures around the world.

Today's conference also affirms that the Party and State always consider agriculture, farmers and rural areas an important front, PM Phuc stressed, urging the relevant ministries, agencies and localities to pay special attention to agricultural and rural development to ensure the success of national industrialiszation and modernization.

On the basis of the farmers’ suggestions at the event, the government leader asked for a long-term and sustainable vision for agricultural and rural development in order to build a comprehensive agricultural sector towards large-scale commodity production and ensuring national agricultural security.

He also urged for the comprehensive and effective restructure of agricultural production, while strengthening the power of each region and locality in improving the quality of agricultural products, as well as encouraging businesses to invest in agriculture and creating an effective link between farmers and businesses for common development.

On the occasion, PM Phuc presented gifts to 30 prominent farmers and also paid a visit to a local outstanding agricultural production model and presented gifts to policy beneficiaries in Hai Duong.

Later the same day, the PM held a working session with the Hai Duong leaders.

Theo NDO