PM calls for setting up Expanded Cooperation Forum in response to climate change at G7 Outreach Summit

09:47 | 11/06/2018 Events

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc called for establishment of an Expanded Cooperation Forum of G7 and coastal countries to respond to climate change, sea level rise and protection of maritime environment and ecology at G7 Outreach Summit in Canada on Saturday.

Leaders to the G7 Outreach Summit in Quebec city, Canada, June 9, 2018

PM Phuc said climate change and sea level rise poses a serious threat to mankind’s survival and Vietnam is among the countries worst affected by climate change, sea level rise and extreme weather.

Without effective responses, 20 percent of Ho Chi Minh City and 40 pct of the Mekong delta of Vietnam will be submerged by the end of this century. This area is Vietnam’s rice granary inhabited by tens of millions of people, and a food-exporting center that provides food security for many countries.

The Government chief said Viet Nam highly values the assistance for sustainable development of the Mekong River basin from G7 countries, including Japan, the United States and the Friends of the Lower Mekong (FLM).

Vietnam looks forward to the continued international support and cooperation for sustainable management and use of water resources and enhanced monitoring, climate change adaptation, as well as responding to the sea level rise and spreading saline intrusion in the Mekong basin, stated the PM.

He affirmed Vietnam is committed to joining the international community in early translating the Paris Agreement into reality.

PM Phuc also suggested the G7 work on establishing a Global Mechanism on Plastic Waste Reduction with joint actions from all relevant countries for an ever-blue oceans full of fish and shrimps and free from plastic, serving as valuable assets for future generations.

Vietnam, on its part, has adopted a development strategy to vigorously promote maritime economy in parallel with protecting maritime environment and ecosystem.

“We do not sacrifice the environment for economic growth,” affirmed PM Phuc, adding that Vietnam encourages clean energy, green growth and sustainable projects while combating strongly polluting waste for blue and healthy seas.

Regarding the East Sea issue, PM Phuc said the East Sea provides the lifeline for 50 percent of the world shipping traffic, thus it must be the sea of peace and safety...

Theo VGP