PM asked for solutions to pressing environmental issues

09:01 | 09/01/2019 Environment

Prime Minster Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) to deal with urgent issues, including dead rivers, lowering groundwater levels, the management of agricultural and forestry land, uncontrolled sand exploitation, plastic waste, and others.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the conference - Photo: VGP

The government leader made the request at the MONRE's conference held in Hanoi on January 8, on the implementation of resolutions issued by the National Assembly and the Government on natural resources and the environment in 2019.

The report by the ministry listed many challenges for the ministry in the near future including unsustainable growth models based on natural resources and low cost of labour, as well as wastefulness in the use of resources, prolonged and complicated complaints about land, and others.

The marine environmental incident in the four central provinces, serious droughts in the Central Highlands and South Central provinces, and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta are among the pressing issues to attract much concern from the leaders and people.

He emphasised that natural resources and the environment sector in general is one of three pillar sectors of national development, thus the sector should promote its potential and strength, mobilise financial resources and address shortcomings to develop in the future.

According to the MONRE, the ministry has gained several significant results in 2018 including the elimination and amendments of nearly 63% of business conditions, the removal of 189 divisions and the reduction of 677 officials.

The ministry also completed the tasks assigned to it by the National Assembly on establishing industrial zones with concentrated wastewater treatment systems and enhanced accuracy in forecasting work, contributing to reducing losses caused by natural disasters, among others.

Theo NDO